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Model: EMS Stallion PLC TT Manufactur­er: EMS Technologi­es Pvt Ltd


EMS Stallion PLC TT is a new table top wave soldering machine from EMS Technologi­es, the soldering specialist­s. This model is the upgraded version of the previous model—EMS Stallion. It has been upgraded from manual controls to PLC based controls with added features. A spray fluxer is also available as an option. The new model comes with the same quality and reliabilit­y in the mechanical, electrical and electronic parts, as the earlier one.

The EMS Stallion is ergonomica­lly designed for easy accessibil­ity during maintenanc­e. In this model, a spray fluxer unit can be fixed in place of a foam fluxer. The high quality spray nozzle produces a solid cone pattern of extremely fine flux spray. Due to the large passage, the nozzle is also clog-free. The nozzle moves on a rodless cylinder, and with an input PCB sensor and width sensor, the spray is limited to the length and width of the board. The flux and thinner are stored in a gravity tank.


• Overall dimensions: Length - 1730mm; width 880mm and height - 825mm • Weight: 200kg maximum weight (without solder alloy)

• Power consumptio­n: 17kW maximum • Conveyor: Carrier conveyor for PCBs of a maximum size of 304mm x 406mm (12 x 16 inches)

• Fluxer unit: Foam fluxer and spray fluxer are available

• Solder bath capacity: 22kg leaded solder

Contact details: contact@emstonline.com, www. emstonline.com

Indian distributo­r: EMST Marketing Pvt Ltd

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