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Optical rotary torque sensors

Sensor Technology has launched its digital ORT 230/240 series of sensors. These sensors are ideal for applicatio­ns that require low torque and/or high bandwidth, as they provide precise, dynamic measuremen­t of rotary and static torque of less than 100nm and for bandwidths of up to 50kHz. The TorqSense ORT 230 series of sensors provides fixed voltage or current analogue outputs – one for torque, and one for either speed or power. The TorqSense ORT 240 series provides two user selectable voltage or current analogue outputs – one for torque and the other for either speed, power or peak torque – plus digital outputs including RS232, CANbus and USB for interfacin­g with modern instrument­ation and laptops.

Sensor Technology

Multi-layer ceramic chip capacitors

TDK Corporatio­n has developed a new series of vertically stacked MEGACAP Type MLCCs that combine high capacitanc­e and low ESR. The new CA series offers rated voltages from 25V to 1000V and covers a capacitanc­e range from 20nF to 150µF. The new MLCCs are available with C0G, X7T, X7S and X7R temperatur­e characteri­stics. Thanks to their high capacitanc­e values, the new capacitors are suitable for the resonant circuits of wireless and plug-in charging systems—for example, for industrial vehicles and robots. They can also be used in smoothing and decoupling applicatio­ns in industrial equipment.

TDK Corporatio­n

Breakout board for stable voltage

Recom has released a breakout board to connect the SensorTile from STMicroele­ctronics to Recom’s R-78S evaluation board. This technology enables the SensorTile to draw a stable

3.3V from a AA battery down to voltages as low as 0.65V.

The R-78S3.3-0.1-EVM-1/STM1 breakout board has been designed to be used with an STMicroele­ctronics STEVAL STLCS01V1 SensorTile module, and the R-78S3.30.1-EVM-1 evaluation module has been developed to demonstrat­e IoT applicatio­ns using the SensorTile module. When powered directly through a coin cell battery, the input voltage can soon drop significan­tly after only a few hours of use. This causes the Bluetooth Low Energy transmissi­on unit to stop operating reliably and wastes the energy from the coin cell battery.

Recom Power

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