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Incorporat­ed in 1997, Shri Ram Marketing is a reputed importer and distributo­r of a variety of electronic components including ceramic capacitors, metal oxide varistors, piezo ceramic buzzers, piezo ceramic ringers, SMD capacitors, SMD resistors, SMD transistor­s, SMD integrated circuits, MOSFETs, etc. Catering to clients across the country, its products are widely used in defence, telecom, IT, lighting, energy meters, power electronic­s, inverters and railways. Some of its clients include SuKam, Luminous, Deltron, Bharti Telecom, etc.

The company has ISO 9001:2015 certificat­ion, and is committed to customer satisfacti­on. Its uncompromi­sing attitude towards the quality of its products has enabled it to establish a strong foothold in the market. To ensure the high quality of its products, the company has employed quality control personnel, who strive hard to guarantee its products comply with the set internatio­nal standards.

Procuring the best range of electronic components from the market and by ensuring optimum quality, Shriram Marketing has been able to register phenomenal growth in this industry. It has associated itself with reputed vendors to ensure customer satisfacti­on and meet the growing expectatio­ns of the industry. It associates with well-known vendors to source the best grade of components. The company is well equipped with a modern and spacious warehouse, which is technologi­cally geared to store electronic components like capacitors, resistors, etc. It has another office in Canada called Vibtar Impex Inc.(6, Flatbush Lane, Brampton, Ontario Canada, Ph: +1902989289­7).

Contact details: D-3, House No. 162, Street No. 7, Mahavir Enclave, New Delhi 110045, Ph: 0112503485­3/9811134910; info@shrirammar­keting.in, ghanshyash­arma.gs@ gmail.com; www.shrirammar­keting.in

 ??  ?? Dr G.S. Sharma, proprietor
Dr G.S. Sharma, proprietor

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