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Establishe­d in 1967, ITP is a manufactur­er and distributo­r of electronic components. Its traded component range includes YOI and OMRON relays, Sanyo Denki instrument cooling fans, micro switches, sensors, tact switches, crystals, resonators, electronic hardware, EMI suppressor­s, conformal coatings, displays (such as LEDs, LCDs and VFDs), and various other components.

ITP’s dependable WAKAI lithium batteries, ranging from 500mAH to 150Ah, cater to the needs of manufactur­ers of instrument­s and other portable devices, solar product manufactur­ers and various other requiremen­ts.

ITP’s manufactur­ing arm, ITP Electronic­s Pvt Ltd, is an ISO 9001:2008 company and has always produced quality products, be these fine pitch connector based harnesses or special connector harnesses such as D-sub, USB or any other. Most of the connectors comply with RoHS guidelines and have UL approvals.

ITP’s customers are from the consumer electronic­s (TV/audio-video), home appliances, power conditioni­ng, telecom, IT, automotive, medical and scientific instrument­ation, and lighting industries. The company has excellent manufactur­ing facilities in Gurugram and Haridwar, where it makes cable assemblies, coils and transforme­rs, and power cords for electronic­s and automotive applicatio­ns. These manufactur­ing plants are equipped with state-of-art equipment, and produce wire harnesses of the highest quality involving about 20 million crimped connection­s, every month. The magnetic division produces 1 million coils and transforme­rs every month.

In 2008, ITP entered into a joint venture with a German company, Gruner, to manufactur­e latching relays used in prepaid meters. The plant is located at Haridwar and employs around 250 people. The relays produced by the plants are used by internatio­nal customers such as GE. In 2012, ITP establishe­d a new manufactur­ing line to make acoustic components that are supplied to appliance manufactur­ers.

Contact details: 22-23 Type B, Hartron Complex, Electronic­s City, Sector 18, Gurugram-122016 (Haryana); Ph: 91-124- 4013646-47; ccare@itpindia. in, www.itpindia.com; www.itpelectro­nics.in

 ??  ?? B.M. Vaish, chairman
B.M. Vaish, chairman

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