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The installati­on of LED streetligh­ts has finally begun in Gurugram, after a delay of over two months. The whole city will be covered under the project by the end of May, said MCG (Municipal Corporatio­n of Gurgaon) officials.

The project is being implemente­d by stateowned Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL), which signed a deal with MCG to install over 48,000 LED streetligh­ts under the National Street Lighting Programme in October 2017. The project was to be completed by February 2018.

“In the first leg, Ward Numbers 1 and 35 have been chosen. The second leg will cover Ward Numbers 2 and 34. This will continue till the whole city is covered,” said MCG commission­er Yashpal Yadav.

At present, all main roads in Gurugram have sodium streetligh­ts and other roads have CFL, T5 and mercury lights. The project will help the city save 13 million units of power per year, and MCG is expecting a 45-55 per cent saving on power bills too.

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