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Model: Superlinea lens; Manufactur­er: Khatod Optoelectr­onic


Superlinea is the newest strip lens from Khatod. It is designed for mid-power LEDs assembled in a linear array. Superlinea lenses are made of optical grade PMMA, and offer many symmetrica­l and asymmetric­al beam options. They deliver uniform luminance, homogeneou­s light flux and smooth light distributi­on. The special surface texture of these lenses enables enhanced glare control, making them a good choice in any applicatio­n requiring a substantia­l reduction of glare, such as in halls and offices.


Efficiency greater than 89 per cent Uniform luminance

Dimensions: 40mm (w) x 284mm (l) x 5mm (h) – which allows housing of electrical components Contact: www.khatod.com

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