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You might have or­dered a do-it-your­self kit for a project, say, an Ar­duino-based Ice Tube Clock kit, which comes with ev­ery­thing from the vac­uum flu­o­res­cent tube to the soft­ware that runs it. But to as­sem­ble the project, there are cer­tain tools that you n

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Whether you are a pro­fes­sional or a hob­by­ist, you need spe­cific tools to work on your DIY elec­tron­ics project. You might have ac­quired some of the re­quired tools from your dad’s garage or sneak some out from your el­der brother’s room, but if you are se­ri­ous about your project those tools are not go­ing to cut it.

The days of sim­ply hav­ing a sol­der­ing iron and a pair of wire cut­ters are gone—it is time to get se­ri­ous. This ar­ti­cle takes you through tool kits that are aimed at both bench and field tech­ni­cians. You could ei­ther get a com­plete kit or a cou­ple of smaller kits that can be bun­dled up.

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