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Ubiq­ui­tous com­put­ing is a sub­ject we re­visit ev­ery year be­cause we are as cu­ri­ous as you to see how the dream is shap­ing up! today, we find that the build­ing blocks are all there as also a few suc­cess­ful demon­stra­tions, but a lot of dis­parate is­sues need

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Those who have not heard of ubiq­ui­tous com­put­ing, or ubi- comp, of­ten ask whether it is a new tech­nol­ogy. In­deed, it is not merely a tech­nol­ogy but a new par­a­digm of com­put­ing that Mark Weiser of uerox mARC con­cep­tu­alised about two-and-a-half decades ago. mrof. Ken Saka­mura is also known to have pro­posed and demon­strated the con­cept in Ja­pan through the TRON Smart House model in the 1980s.

Some rightly call ubiq­ui­tous com- put­ing the post- desk­top par­a­digm of com­put­ing, while oth­ers call it the In­ter­net of Things (IoT). In sim­ple terms, ubi-comp rep­re­sents a sit­u­a­tion wherein tech­nol­ogy is ev­ery­where, but in an un­ob­tru­sive way.

In a ubi-com world, there will be in­nu­mer­able com­put­ers em­bed­ded ev­ery­where, in ev­ery­day de­vices, from traf­fic sig­nals and air-con­di­tion­ers to cof­fee mugs and even clothes. There will be wear­able cen­time­tre-sized de­vices or tags, hand-held decime­tre-sized de­vices and me­tre-sized in­ter­ac­tive dis­play de­vices. There will be mi­cro-electro­mechan­i­cal sys­tems from nanome­tre to mil­lime­tre scales and or­ganic fab­ri­clike de­vices. Dust-like de­vices will do some com­put­ing or com­mu­ni­ca­tions with­out user in­ter­faces. What is more, all th­ese de­vices will have a unique ID or ad­dress and will con­nect through an in­tel­li­gent net­work. The whole sys­tem will be so smart that an air-con­di­tioner will be able to ad­just the tem­per­a­ture based on the feed­back from a sen­sor em­bed­ded in your dress.

This vi­sion does not seem as in­cred­i­ble today as it seemed a decade ago, due to the tech­no­log­i­cal de­vel­op­ments that have hap­pened in the re­cent past. For one, the num­ber of con­nected

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