Koenigsegg Regera

When the Swedes are not busy eat­ing her­ring, driv­ing Volvos or in­dulging in a spot of com­mu­nal re­cy­cling , they build the oc­ca­sional hy­per­car. And how!

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AWHILE BACK PORSCHE, Mclaren and Fer­rari de­cided to build a few hy­brids. Al­most all of which, pro­duced power around the 1000bhp mark, were spec­tac­u­lar off-the-line, and most im­por­tantly abol­ished a stereo­type about peo­ple who drive hy­brids. Some­thing about their wrists, I for­get. Then the Geneva mo­tor show hap­pened and the world got the most pow­er­ful pro­duc­tion car ever, the Bu­gatti Ch­i­ron mak­ing an un­be­liev­able 1500bhp. The very next day, some­how that ti­tle was stolen. The car in ques­tion was built by a Swede, who spent a large por­tion of his life re­pair­ing mopeds and clean­ing cars for a liv­ing. The Koenigsegg Regera is now both — the world’s most pow­er­ful pro­duc­tion car and a hy­brid. In­ci­den­tally it also doesn’t have a gear­box, but we’ll get to that in a bit.

Now it all starts with your stan­dard big ol’ 5-litre V8 mo­tor. Fet­tle with it. Twin charge it. End up with an en­gine that makes 1085bhp at 7800rpm. Add to that three elec­tric mo­tors — two on the rear wheels and one on the crank. The three elec­tric mo­tors make about 700bhp and 560Nm of torque. That’s about the same torque that you get on a diesel 7 Series. And that’s just the elec­tric mo­tors. In to­tal­ity those num­bers come to an as­ton­ish­ing 1782bhp and 2000Nm of torque, but that is still not what makes the Regera re­ally special though. That’s right it doesn’t re­ally mat­ter that the Regera makes 1782 horse­power. What re­ally mat­ters is how that power makes its way to the wheels.

Ev­ery car in the world, lit­er­ally ev­ery car ever built has a gear­box, whether it’s a reg­u­lar man­ual gear­box or a CVT or DCT or a se­quen­tial shifter like on For­mula 1 cars. As it would turn out, the Swedes don’t be­lieve in any of this, the Koenigsegg Regera has none of it. It has some­thing that they call the Koenigsegg di­rect drive. Now there is a fair bit of doo­dadery and Swedish for­est magic that comes into play when you hit the throt­tle. But to keep it sim­ple here’s what hap­pens. When the car starts mov­ing, the 700bhp elec­tric mo­tor pow­ers the rear wheels. In the mean­while, the petrol mo­tor is run­ning to keep the bat­ter­ies charged. They keep that up till about 30kmph, where hy­draulic coupling kicks in, the drive shaft then hooks up straight to the crank. At about this time, the Koenigsegg turns into his­tory’s most pow­er­ful vac­cum cleaner and sucks the hori­zon to­wards it­self.

2,000 Nm of torque, that the Regera makes in to­tal 1,782 bhp, mak­ing it the world's most pow­er­ful pro­duc­tion car

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