Top­less Ital­ian!

RWD Hu­ra­can now comes with a soft top


IF YOU’VE BEEN FOL­LOW­ING, we re­cently drove the R8 Spy­der and it’s noth­ing short of an open air con­cert of a lu­di­crously loud V10. That this same nat­u­rally as­pi­rated V10 also comes wrapped in a more ex­otic form, send­ing power only to the rear wheels now should be rea­son enough to re­joice. Lam­borgh­ini’s sexy new LP580-2 Hu­ra­can Spy­der gets the roof down in 17 sec­onds and to main­tain the Hu­ra­can’s shape with the roof down, two fins ar­range them­selves from the B-pil­lar with aero ducts tucked neatly un­der them. Power fig­ures are same as the RWD coupe – 571 horse­power and 540Nm. 0-100kmph comes in 3.6 sec­onds, 0.2 of a sec­ond slower than the coupe, and a long enough road will see you top out at 319kmph. The Spy­der gets blink-and-you-miss changes to the front end and a new rear en­gine cover sec­tion to go with the Spy­der de­sign. There’s also a re­worked power steer­ing unit that Lam­borgh­ini says has been specif­i­cally tuned for it.

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