First, there was the INS Vikrant. Then, came the Ba­jaj V15. And now, there is a V12

Evo India - - CONTENTS - Words: Aninda Sar­dar | Pho­tog­ra­phy: Ro­hit G Mane and Vishnu G Haar­i­nath

WWhat is it? For starters it isn’t a V-twelve. It’s a V-one-two. And, it’s a mo­tor­cy­cle in the “mileage seg­ment” ac­cord­ing to Ba­jaj, which makes it a com­muter. How­ever, like the V15 be­fore it, it is meant to make the con­sumer feel like he’s a part of a larger more il­lus­tri­ous legacy.

All-new? The 125cc en­gine of course. You’d have to be a dolt to not fig­ure that one out but there are other as­pects too. There are a host of cost cut­ting mea­sures on this bike (com­pared to the V15) – thin­ner forks, thin­ner tyres and the shroud around the in­stru­ments is plas­tic in­stead of alu­minium.

What else?

Back to the en­gine, Ba­jaj has worked on re­fin­ing the long stroke en­gine it­self but over and above that, it has re­vised the en­gine mounts so that vi­bra­tions are bet­ter dis­persed. As a re­sult the en­gine feels smoother than the unit in the V15.

Fun to ride? Well, com­muters aren’t ex­actly built for fun but it han­dles well enough. In fact, the V12 feels slightly more flick­able than the V15. Ba­jaj said that a lot of this has to do with the thin­ner tyres and the thin­ner forks. The bike’s ride qual­ity too feels plusher than what we felt on the V15, which Ba­jaj says can be at­trib­uted to the al­tered spring rat­ing at the rear on ac­count of the lower un­sprung masses.

Ef­fi­cient? In­stead of con­fus­ing the con­sumer with un­re­al­is­tic ARAI test data, Ba­jaj claim a far more re­al­is­tic 50-55km to a litre, which is par for the course for a 125cc bike of this kind.

Value? The V12 is built to a pur­pose – com­mut­ing. And to that end, the bike feels well sorted. It han­dles well enough and ride qual­ity is pliant. The en­gine has a lovely bot­tom and mid-range, which trans­lates into a nice tractable ma­chine that’s easy to ride through town. The only chinks in the bike’s ar­mour is the lack of an en­gine kill switch and disc brake (though Ba­jaj says that the lat­ter is en route). At `56,283 it’s as good value as any other bike in its class. L

1: Con­sole may be the same as on the V15 but the alu­minium shroud around it has been re­placed with plas­tic. 2: The thin­ner tyres aid flick­a­bil­ity but lack of a disc is un­wel­come. 3: The 125cc en­gine is torquey and packs all its punch at the bot­tom and...





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