Fast as F*#K


IWOULD KILL TO DRIVE AN F40. I’D BEND over for a 250 GTO and well, there are so many un­men­tion­ables I’d al­low done to my­self to drive a Fer­rari that Kevin Spacey’s ears would perk up. So when the op­por­tu­nity presents it­self to drive a 488 GTB, hatch­ing a plan for my self­ish gains without sub­mit­ting my­self to the wrong kind of at­ten­tion re­quired ab­so­lutely no mo­ti­va­tion. You have read a lot about this car at evo In­dia, how it feels to get a 488 Spi­der side­ways in Dubai, how a tuned 488 GTB tears up tar­mac on a drag strip and much more. The 488 GTB is the hard act that fol­lowed the 458 Italia and it had to prove it­self to a scep­ti­cal world of en­thu­si­asts that re­fused to keep pace with our turbo’d times. Most of the 488’s ini­tial life has gone in prov­ing that there’s still a glo­ri­ous fu­ture left at Maranello de­spite forcefed air, feed­ing its Ital­ian cylin­ders. But time has got it out of the 458’s shad­ows and the 488 GTB has an iden­tity of its own now.

I don’t know what it’s like to drive its pre­de­ces­sor and only know what it sounds like. So fresh thoughts on a 488? Give me three sec­onds.

Al­right I’ll take more than three sec­onds be­cause I am in the 488 GTB, pop­ping my Fer­rari cherry, so I sit in the sculpted driver’s seat which is a lot larger and more com­fort­able than I’d imag­ined, soak in the view, the ridicu­lously raked A-pil­lar, the 488 GTB badge on the dash­board fram­ing it­self cen­trally in the view to the left of the driver and the rather spa­cious cabin, al­low­ing so much space near my left foot. I get my seat­ing po­si­tion right, and turn the Manet­tino dial to CT Off. I have ogled enough, my jaw has dropped to the car­pet and my pupils are fully di­lated. But as they say, when it’s time to drive a Fer­rari, you bet­ter have steady hands.

Years be­hind the wheel of hun­dreds of cars brings you to such a mo­ment, and on our roads, there’s barely a shot at ex­pe­ri­enc­ing the Fer­rari to its po­ten­tial. What an an­ti­cli­max. But I was not let­ting go of a good launch and a few fol­low­ing min­utes with it. So I switch CT Off, put my foot on the brake, tug the right pad­dle to get it to first gear, press the Launch Con­trol but­ton on the cen­tral spine till Launch ap­pears on the dis­play and that’s how I get my first quickie. The 488 lim­its revs to 7500rpm in the first three gears to

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