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The Tata Ti­ago and Tigor, along with the Maruti Suzuki Ig­nis and Dzire. Oh, and an E 63 AMG

I LIT­ER­ALLY LIVE ACROSS the road from of­fice. My com­mute is a laugh­able 3km. But guess what? I’ve taken as much as two and a half hours to make it home from work a few days ago. Traf­fic. That dreaded word can kill a man. Es­pe­cially if he has to cut through it all in a lum­ber­ing cruise liner. I’d rather have a sleek clip­per that’s com­pact and easy to ma­noeu­vre. Like the Ig­nis that I’ve just been given the keys to. It’s com­pact, which makes it easy to weave my way through at the end of a long day, and it has the con­ve­nience of an AMT. That means I can ac­tu­ally still use my left leg after driv­ing – no, crawl­ing (did I say driv­ing?) – through those painful 3km. And thanks to its lightweigh­t body, its very fru­gal too! ⌧


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