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I’m not ex­ag­ger­at­ing. We’ve known the Polo GTI for a while now and driven it a fair bit over hill climbs and race tracks. Never did we push it to its lim­its as much as we did on this glo­ri­ous day. 189 horses felt like a play­ful 60 and the E-Diff had its job cut out to stay in the game when a Porsche’s all-wheel drive and four-wheel steer­ing were hold­ing a grap­pler’s grip on the tar­mac. That E-Diff works re­ally well to get more trac­tion while pow­er­ing out of cor­ners and cut­ting un­der­steer. It cor­rupts you of your knowl­edge of FWDs, of not go­ing in too hot into a cor­ner and not step­ping on the gas too early. Even with the tyres at the edge of grip, a GTI feels in con­trol. Over­whelmed a bit for sure keep­ing up with three times as many horses in a su­per­car, but it never feels like you’ve fed a fish to the sharks. The GTI punch­ing above its weight like pow­der­taps on your face is a petrol­head’s ini­ti­a­tion to the world of fast cars. The world here of the up­com­ing fast fives you’d want to progress to in the fu­ture.

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