Head out on the high­way...


THE EUPHO­RIA OF DRIV­ING A FER­RARI for the first time in my life was not go­ing to die down any time soon, but the adren­a­line rush needs a sooth­ing fol­low-up. Hon­estly, there’s no bet­ter soul-soother in the world than the Ford Mus­tang GT. You may say there’s a big V8 up front and the guys at Ford have line-lock fea­ture in this car just to shred the rear tyres so vi­o­lence is the name of the game, but, on the con­trary, the joy of driv­ing a Mus­tang is cream­ing the V8 on a high­way with its light rum­ble on loop. The Mus­tang is a sweet, sweet thing be­tween 1000 and 2000rpm, al­most spa like, with those big ’ol Amer­i­can buck­ets, high set dash and even higher set bon­net, paint­ing a ro­man­tic pic­ture of a road­trip in your mind. Its other name would be free­dom.

So sooth­ing it is that stab­bing the fire­wall with the right foot af­ter the sen­sory over­load in the 488 feels wrong. But it’s a part of the fast six and one must find out how fast. So I stab it and, in its de­fence, the pony raises its nose, low­ers its rear haunches and gal­lops with the grace you don’t as­so­ciate with Amer­i­cans. The rum­ble of the V8 gets louder and a se­ries of bends later we hit the high­way. Mus­tang ter­ri­tory.

If there’s one car that made the bor­ing straight high­way a fun piece of stretch to drive, it is the Mus­tang. Shades on, set­ting sun, High­way to Hell on loop and a cocky smile on my face, ev­ery time I drive a Mus­tang I have to re­peat this clichéd pic­ture. As far as fast cars go, find me a faster car to go cross coun­try. The Mus­tang has com­pli­ant sus­pen­sion, a big V8 en­gine, is a com­fort­able cruiser and has a boot big enough for a road­trip. Ford de­tuned the en­gine to han­dle our fuel qual­ity which may seem to short change you at first but it’s a smart move as Ford re­cently proved by get­ting journos to drive the Mus­tang across the coun­try without a fuel is­sue what­so­ever. Without an is­sue what­so­ever ac­tu­ally. When was the last time you drove the length of the coun­try in a sportscar? My guess is never, but you can with the Mus­tang, and at speeds you never would have imag­ined. For grand tour­ing there’s noth­ing like it.

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