For the boys who want to be men


HAVE YOU EVER WON­DERED WHAT IT IS that sep­a­rates boys from men? In my world I'd say a fast mo­tor­cy­cle is what sep­a­rates a man from boys in their fancy sportscars. Sure, those four-wheel­ers are fast but there isn't a hope in hell that they can pro­vide the same sen­sory ex­pe­ri­ence that a fast bike can. Nei­ther can they out­run the bike from a stand­ing start. Of course, there are enough peo­ple to tell you that cars can out­brake a bike, which is great for lap­ti­mes around a track but when your whole story is about go­ing fast and not slow­ing down quickly, I'd say the bike has the up­per hand. More so when you talk about a fast Ital­ian su­per­bike then the whole game moves up a cou­ple of notches. And to­day we aren't just talk­ing about your ev­ery­day Ital­ian su­per­bike. We have a very spe­cial su­per­bike – the Aprilia RSV4 RF.

Here, mull on this for a while. The Fer­rari you have drooled all over in the pre­vi­ous pages puts out 660bhp and tips the scales at just 1370kg (dry). Ef­fec­tively, a fear­some power-to-weight ra­tio of 481.75bhp per tonne. The RSV4 RF's en­gine pro­duces 198bhp and has to push... wait for it... 180 ki­los (dry). That means you're play­ing with a p-t-w of 1100bhp per tonne! Get the pic­ture? And that's pre­cisely why this mo­tor­cy­cle gets to lock horns with some of the fastest set of wheels you can find in our coun­try.

In fact, ac­cel­er­a­tion from a stand­ing start is so bru­tal that it will have you rock­et­ing sky­wards without Aprilia's com­plex elec­tronic trick­ery. The sheer force of the propul­sion when you open up the taps and let that screamer of an en­gine rev to a crazy 13,000 revs can rip your arms off their sock­ets. And if you for­get to crouch and tuck in be­hind the wind­screen, 15 sec­onds is enough to give you a se­ri­ous neck in­jury. Make that four for tun­nel vi­sion.

There is some­thing vis­ceral about this ma­chine. Here, there are no safety nets, no spaceage car­bon tub that will dis­trib­ute im­pact forces if you fall foul of lady luck. Here there is only a stretch of kan­ga­roo leather be­tween your pre­cious skin and black top. And then there's that sound. Her feral howl when you cane her can make you do stuff that even Play­boy might not print.

Now, I’ve rid­den the reg­u­lar RR and that feels mag­nif­i­cent. That ra­bid en­gine note, the fe­ro­cious power de­liv­ery and

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