Mo­tor­sport is in­deed im­prov­ing the breed at Hero Mo­toCorp, even­tu­ally lead­ing to Heros that en­thu­si­asts like you and me will ac­tu­ally want to own and ride


It also works, build­ing on the team’s 100 per cent fin­ish­ing record and bringing home both riders within the top 15 at the Oilibya Rally, the last in the Sa­hara desert be­fore con­tain­ers are shipped off to Peru for the 2018 Dakar. It’s a bike that Markus, the chief tech­nol­ogy of­fi­cer of Hero Mo­toCorp and the driv­ing force be­hind Hero Mo­toS­ports, is jus­ti­fi­ably proud of but un­til now there re­ally was no con­nec­tion be­tween the mil­lions be­ing spent on the Dakar and the zil­lions of Splen­dors be­ing sold.

Say hello to the Hero Xpulse, son of the Hero Im­pulse. I want to say much-loved Im­pulse go­ing by the gush­ing that fol­lows ev­ery men­tion of Hero’s first on/off-roader, but it sold in such small num­bers that some­times I do won­der who these peo­ple re­ally are. I will, how­ever, tell you that Markus is the world’s big­gest fan of the Im­pulse.

“The Im­pulse is still my favourite bike out of Hero’s sta­ble,” says Markus. “I was rid­ing the Im­pulse through the Hi­malayas, a ten-day tour with all my friends on Bul­lets whose bikes were break­ing down, but the Im­pulse was highly re­li­able. So fo­cus­ing on air/oil-cooled en­gine was im­por­tant for us.”

In pri­vate, well in pub­lic also, Markus has made no bones of the fact that the Im­pulse’s big­gest fail­ure was that Hero never pushed it, and it didn’t take a ge­nius to work out that a new Im­pulse was on the cards from day one. The Xpulse is it. There is a sim­plic­ity to the bike al­lied to a drop-it-no-prob­lem rugged­ness that lends per­fectly to its in­tended us­age. And the kit is good and proper. 21-inch front and 18-inch rear wheel shod with proper on/off-road tyres and plenty of sus­pen­sion travel. A few months ago I spoke to BMW Mo­tor­rad’s chief de­signer and he men­tioned how they de­sign lug­gage for the big GS mo­tor­cy­cles to look in­de­struc­table. The pan­niers on the Xpulse have

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