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MRF Perfinza tyres and HJC IS-17

MRF have been mak­ing some great road and com­pe­ti­tion tyres over the years. It is no won­der that Gau­rav Gill has re­cently won his third Asia Pa­cific Rally Cham­pi­onship run­ning on MRF tyres, against some tough com­pe­ti­tion. The com­pany truly does take their phi­los­o­phy of ‘the tyres we race, are the tyres you run' se­ri­ously. Proof of this is their newly launched Perfinza se­ries of tyres. We're no strangers to the abil­ity of these tyres, hav­ing al­ready run them on two of our cars ear­lier. So far we've been very happy with their over­all per­for­mance as well as com­fort. Re­cently, MRF sent over an­other set to be in­stalled on our long term Verna. The tyres we have put on are a slight up­size as the OE fit­ment that came with the car, which were 195/55 and the Perfin­zas are 205/55. The added width has given the Verna a bet­ter stance, mak­ing it look more ag­gres­sive. Also com­pared to the tyres on the car pre­vi­ously, the Perfin­zas have im­proved the car's ride to a great ex­tent, iron­ing out un­du­la­tions on the road eas­ily and mak­ing for a more plea­sur­able driv­ing ex­pe­ri­ence. You no longer feel the sharp edges on our poorly sur­faced roads. The Perfinza tyres also pro­vide im­proved cor­ner­ing abil­ity, which was very ev­i­dent when we were out on a shoot re­cently and pushed the car a bit harder on a twisty moun­tain road. Even when the car is close to its limit around a bend, there was no audi­ble squeal from the tyres, giv­ing you the con­fi­dence to push harder. This is surely proof of the tech­nol­ogy used by MRF in rac­ing tyres be­ing trans­ferred to the road tyres, a big plus point. There is also added re­fine­ment when you're at high­way cruis­ing speeds, with low tyre noise thanks to the smart tread pat­tern. The MRF Perfinza tyres have al­ready proved their abil­ity in the wet when we tested them on our pre­vi­ous long term Mercedes CLA and now the same con­struc­tion tyres, though in a smaller size, are prov­ing how ca­pa­ble they are in the dry as well. Brak­ing dis­tances have re­duced as well, with the tyres of­fer­ing more bite, thanks to the big­ger con­tact patch and hence bet­ter stop­ping abil­i­ties to the Verna. The life of these tyres should be good as well, con­sid­er­ing the good qual­ity rub­ber used by MRF to make their tyres.

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