Hyundai Tuc­son

Great sound sys­tem and good road manners

Evo India - - DAKAR 2018 - Sirish Chandran (@SirishChan­dran)

IT’S AL­MOST A YEAR THAT THE Tuc­son has been in our fleet and it’s be­gin­ning to show a few bat­tle scars. A few scratches on the left rear fen­der as one of the boys tried to avoid an Uber charg­ing at him, fray­ing rub­ber of the wind­shield wipers and the elec­tric boot doesn’t open all the way and has to be man­u­ally lifted for the last few inches. Apart from that the Hyundai SUV has held up re­mark­ably to a year of hard use that has seen it tra­verse the coun­try and be our daily driver of choice. Oh, and it needs a fresh set of tyres – the Nexen tyres weren’t great to start off with and all the throw­ing it around has chewed through the best part of its life. What’s sur­prised me about the Tuc­son? That it doesn’t mind be­ing thrown about. The other day I took it up to Lavasa as a track­ing car for a big com­par­i­son test and it still hus­tles through the twisties with en­thu­si­asm. The gear­box, while not a twin clutch, isn’t slow on the up­take and when kept in man­ual mode keeps the en­gine on the boil while also helping slow the SUV down be­cause the brakes don’t have the best feel. The thing I like the most though is the ex­cel­lent bass-in­fused stereo. ⌧

‘The Hyundai SUV has held up re­mark­ably well over a year of hard use’

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