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Evo India - - TRIED & TESTED - Aatish Mishra (@whatesh)

Who doesn’t love a good lid? I’ve been us­ing the HJC IS-17 for the last three months, for ev­ery­thing from daily com­mutes to quick dashes to the hills and long rides, and find it to be an ideal hel­met for the sort of us­age I have. First off, let's talk about safety, which is the rai­son d'etre of any hel­met. The IS-17 meets or ex­ceeds ECE R 22.05 stan­dards, and if the Sharp rat­ings are any­thing to go by, it gets five stars. So yes, it of­fers your nog­gin' some solid protection in case of a crash.

But I like to spend my time try­ing not to crash, so I also want a hel­met that is func­tional and com­fort­able. And the HJC scores rather well on that front as well. Firstly, it gets an in­ter­nally in­te­grated sun-vi­sor, that is easy to de­ploy and with­draw even when on the go. You can slide it for­ward with a knob on the top of the hel­met, and gets with­drawn at the push of a but­ton. It makes the hel­met so much more ver­sa­tile, as it can be used in the day and night with­out con­stantly switch­ing out visors. Then there's the ven­ti­la­tion. It gets an in­let vent at the chin and a sin­gle in­let vent the top, with ex­haust vents at the back. I find the hel­met to be rather well ven­ti­lated, and nev­er­found it get­ting muggy and sticky in­side. It gets a breath de­flec­tor, but I did find that the vi­sor fogs up oc­ca­sion­ally. It has a poly­car­bon­ate shell, and so isn't the light­est hel­met around at 1500g. But once on the move, it doesn't mat­ter. It has a slip­pery shape and slips through the air with­out trou­ble, keep­ing wind noise in check as well.

My only grouse? It doesn't come with a D-ring, which means you can­not use it for rac­ing or at track­days, that man­date hel­mets with D-rings. So what you get for the sticker price of `15,000 is a hel­met that is ideal for street use, pro­vid­ing a good blend of ver­sa­til­ity and com­fort with­out com­pro­mis­ing safety.

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