Aprilia SR 150

Does the baby Aprilia prove to be a wor­thy city com­muter?

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‘The Aprilia makes you look good. Hmm, that never hap­pened on mom’s scooter’

TTO BE VERY HON­EST, I AM NOT FOND of scoot­ers. I only use mom’s scooter to go to the gro­cer’s. That too, once in blue moon. I don’t rel­ish the idea of do­ing the 50km home-of­fice-home com­mute on a scooter. So I can’t say I was happy when I got the keys to the Aprilia SR150. I own a Suzuki Gixxer for cry­ing out loud and that is su­perb at com­mut­ing. How could a scooter live up to my ex­pec­ta­tions? The very next day, the Aprilia blew my un­fair pre­sump­tions to smithereen­s.

The SR 150’s 150cc air-cooled sin­gle makes around 10bhp and over 11Nm. Sure that’s not as pow­er­ful as the Suzuki but thanks to the CVT in­stead of the bike’s man­ual, you just need to twist to go. And given how lin­ear the de­liv­ery is, life on the road rolls by smoothly on the SR 150. No search­ing for neu­tral. No need to use all hands and legs. Just the hands are enough. All you need to do is twist the right wrist to get go­ing and use the fingers of both hands to stop. In­cred­i­bly easy. Taught me a valu­able les­son. Very of­ten we bik­ers tend to for­get just how con­ve­nient scoot­ers are, and just how good that feels when cut­ting through traf­fic.

The other thing, I re­alised is that the Aprilia makes you look good. Peo­ple turn and look. Hmm, that never hap­pened on mom’s scooter did it? It’s stylish and given that it is the only proper moto scooter in a sea of bore­dom, the Aprilia is a help­ful tool to have if you like be­ing looked at.

Thanks to the larger wheels (the SR gets 14-inch­ers) the largest for any scooter in In­dia, and the long 1365mm wheel­base, it doesn’t feel as flick­able as my mom’s scooter which has smaller wheels and a shorter wheel­base. But on the three sweep­ing bends on my way to work, she sur­prised me with her mid-cor­ner sta­bil­ity and con­fi­dence in­spir­ing handling. Un­for­tu­nately, it’s a fair bit stiff, and by the time I got to work my body was still feel­ing the af­ter ef­fects of the road shocks. Wouldn’t be bad if things could be soft­ened up just a bit. The Gixxer is cer­tainly bet­ter on this count.

But the scooter saves me the trou­ble of car­ry­ing my day’s load on my back. In­stead I just plonk my 4kg back­pack (sorry, I can’t travel light) on the floor­board and zoom around. And the un­der­seat stowage comes in handy too for a few more knick knacks. Why you rolling your eyes? Didn’t I just tell you I can’t pack light? Thank god for scoot­ers! ⌧

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