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It such a good thing to see you guys write from the heart. That RS vs RS story was so much fun and I find my­self in your shoes hav­ing ar­rived head long into a mid-life cri­sis. I was think­ing of buy­ing a Har­ley to get back into bik­ing since it is not very fast but now I might just look at a proper sporty mo­tor­cy­cle to re­live my youth that was spent on an RX 135. And as for the Oc­tavia RS it just seems like a per­fect car that you can use ev­ery­day and also have so much fun with it. I re­ally think In­dia needs to get more sporty cars be­cause there is a mar­ket for it if it is priced sensibly and I be­lieve all these RS cars have been sold out with long wait­ing lists. Oh, it has to be sen­si­ble and prac­ti­cal. Keep go­ing with your cars vs bike sto­ries, I think that is your unique niche and it is very en­ter­tain­ing.

Anup Nair

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