The Santro Zip Plus, do­ing what it does best


TRUST HYUNDAI TO COME UP WITH some me­morable tag lines. The Santro Zip Plus has cer­tainly brought sun­shine to the Bell fam­ily. Ra­mona’s fa­ther, Peter Bell bought this beige coloured hatch way back in 2002. The Santro has al­ways been treated like a trusted fam­ily mem­ber and has been han­dled with a lot of love and care. “Dad was very par­tic­u­lar about the car and he never let any­one drive it, un­less he knew the per­son. He used to scold peo­ple if they closed the door with a slightly heavy hand!” The fam­ily went on many week­end trips, even all the way to Goa. “I re­mem­ber, it was packed with five adults and yet we all were sat very com­fort­ably.” Ra­mona also has a nice story about her mother to tell. “Mom used to drive the 800 and was used to its dull re­sponses. One day, she chose to drive the Santro. How­ever, it didn’t go as ex­pected. Thanks to its 1.1-litre en­gine and a very re­spon­sive throt­tle the Santro lit­er­ally zipped through, leav­ing mom zapped.” And since then, Ra­mona’s mother has pre­ferred the back seat of the Santro. The fam­ily swears by the Santro and says it has been a ‘com­plete fam­ily car’ like Hyundai claimed it to be.

But where do you go af­ter the Santro? “We thought the Creta offers a very sim­i­lar pack­age. It is a mod­ern fam­ily car with am­ple space, fea­tures and style. It is my daily driver and I adore it. It’s ef­fort­less in traf­fic and even though it is large on the out­side, it wraps around you re­ally well. For met­ros, I don’t see any other car that is as easy to drive and prac­ti­cal.”

Looks like the sun is still shin­ing on this Hyundai fam­ily!

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