With the Roush su­per­charger kit squeez­ing out 67 per cent more power, this is the fastest Mus­tang in the country

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The pony car gid­dies up with few more horses un­der the hood

WHAT IS OUR COUNTRY WITH­OUT ITS QUIRKS? We do not al­low you to drive or ride un­til 18 but as soon as you are 18 and get a li­cense we let you loose on a 200bhp su­per­bike. Our fancy Arai and Shoei hel­mets might soon be banned be­cause they don’t have ISI stick­ers but half the states do not even en­force hel­met laws. We are also a country that straight up by-passed the af­ford­able mus­cle car era go­ing straight to mad-power Ms and AMGs with­out any half-way-house per­for­mance cars.

Two years ago Ford at­tempted to right the sit­u­a­tion with the Mus­tang. It was well priced – 65 lakh ru­pees when ev­ery­thing else was north of a crore of ru­pees. It looked spec­tac­u­lar, a proper head turner and just what a mus­cle car should look like in your mind’s eye. It was right-hand drive (ob­vi­ously) and got an in­de­pen­dent rear sus­pen­sion. And it had a big ‘ol V8. Hell yeah!

Ex­cept, says Vi­ral Choksi, “I got bored”. He’s the owner of the wildly blis­tered and pumped up ’Stang you see here. But the real rea­son this Mus­tang ex­ists is Vi­ral’s 10-year-old son Ris­hang who nudged his dad into buy­ing the Mus­tang, who prod­ded his dad into slap­ping on the race stripes and body kit and then dragged his dad to Racetech in Bengaluru to make it more ex­cit­ing.

The guys over at Racetech are great friends of evo In­dia and are one of the lead­ing tuners of sports and su­per­cars, also re­spon­si­ble for the TechArt GTstreet R you will have read about on pg.80. Racetech are the of­fi­cial In­dian dis­trib­u­tors of Roush Per­for­mance, an in­de­pen­dent go­faster shop in the USA but with such strong ties back to Ford that their kits are in­stalled by Ford deal­ers in the USA, com­plete with a Ford war­ranty, and are listed in the of­fi­cial Ford Per­for­mance di­rec­tory. Bring­ing Roush to In­dia was on the cards right from the day the Mus­tang was an­nounced for In­dia but it took time be­cause, says Manik Bhard­waj, one of the part­ners of Racetech, “Roush took time to get all the data on the right-hand drive Mus­tang to get the map­ping per­fectly done. And we did not want to rush things and wait un­til the cal­i­bra­tion is perfect. Af­ter all we of­fer a one year un­lim­ited mileage war­ranty on ev­ery Roush in­stal­la­tion done in In­dia.”

That means a mas­sive bump to 717bhp and 827Nm of max­i­mum torque, over the 396bhp and 515Nm!

Now the stock Mus­tang does have a mighty 5-litre V8 but the per­for­mance isn’t, ex­actly, mind-numb­ing. Says Manik, “In the ini­tial first and sec­ond gears ac­cel­er­a­tion is fan­tas­tic. But as soon as you build to third and fourth gear, the car doesn't feel like a sports car; it doesn’t feel spe­cial”. And that’s when the Roush su­per­charger kit takes over.

Un­like tur­bocharg­ing, a su­per­charger pro­vides in­stant throt­tle re­sponse and a far more throaty ex­haust note. The su­per­charger kit comes in two forms: Phase 1 and Phase 2, and Vi­ral’s car is fit­ted with the lat­ter, more pow­er­ful one. The kit in­cludes fit­ment of an all-new high ca­pac­ity, low-re­stric­tion air fil­ter and a new in­duc­tion sys­tem. What you also get is a large fab­ri­cated alu­minium in­ter­cooler with a full-face low-tem­per­a­ture ra­di­a­tor and high ca­pac­ity de-gas bot­tle. The in­jec­tors are re­placed by Roush cus­toms and a large 60mm dual-bore throt­tle body is added. A pre­set plug and play fuel pump con­trol mod­ule in­creases fuel flow and spark­ing du­ties are han­dled by NGK hi-per­for­mance spark plugs.

The Roush su­per­charger is a roots-type pos­i­tive dis­place­ment unit that fea­tures twin four-lobe ro­tors twisted 160-de­grees as com­pared to the older three-lobe, 60-de­gree twist tech­nol­ogy. The fourth lobe and the added twist, when com­bined with newly-re­designed air in­let and out­let ports is claimed to of­fer greater ther­mal ef­fi­ciency, higher vol­u­met­ric ca­pac­ity, higher operating speeds, a smoother and more ef­fi­cient flow of air into the en­gine, and im­proved noise and vi­bra­tion char­ac­ter­is­tics.

It all adds up to 67 per cent more power and 53 per cent more torque over the stock car. That means a mas­sive bump to 717bhp and 827Nm of max­i­mum torque, over the 396bhp and 515Nm of torque. Roush claims that theirs is the most highly-en­gi­neered su­per­charger sys­tem for the cur­rent gen­er­a­tion Mus­tang but that claim would be use­less with­out hard num­bers. And so we head to the Taneja Aero­space Aero­drome at Hosur on the out­skirts of Bengaluru to put it to the test.

For per­spec­tive we’ve got a stock Mus­tang, but one that is slightly tuned with an ex­haust and KW sus­pen­sion to bet­ter put the power down. Vi­ral’s car will be get­ting the sus­pen­sion and also big­ger brakes but for now we are

The 0-200kmph time has come down

from 20.9 to 13.1 sec­onds!

here to test the ac­cel­er­a­tion and we strap on our VBOX test­ing gear.

Where the stock car does the 0-100kmph sprint in 6.7 sec­onds the Roush Mus­tang drops two whole sec­onds to now clock it in 4.7 sec­onds. But the re­ally big number is the 0-200kmph time that has come down from 20.9 to 13.1 sec­onds! Top speed has in­creased too, from 222kmph to 258kmph. They say fig­ures don’t lie and this is proof of the pud­ding.

The other im­por­tant number: `9.99 lakh is the cost of the kit in­clud­ing all taxes and fit­ment. You will need to send your Mus­tang to Bengaluru for the in­stal­la­tion and it takes 15 days all in plus you get the one-year war­ranty. And Manik says that it runs per­fectly on 95-oc­tane petrol that is now avail­able in all met­ros and vouches for the re­li­a­bil­ity of the kit.

“Now it's wow, ab­so­lutely wow,” say the fa­ther-son Choksi duo in uni­son. Af­ter all their Mus­tang is now a propah mus­cle car, with all the required mus­cle it should've al­ways packed. Would you still pay more than dou­ble the amount for a Shelby? ⌧

Above: The Roush Su­per­charger kit in all its glory. Bot­tom left: Look at that men­ac­ing face. Bot­tom right: The V8 rum­ble is half the rea­son to buy a Mus­tang

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