Meet the wildest Porsche in the country, one of only 30 in the world, the TechArt GTstreet R. And it has been built in In­dia


Meet the wildest Porsche in the country

IMAG­INE SCROLLING THROUGH In­sta­gram, check­ing out a post by one of the gazillion go-faster shops pep­per­ing your feed and think­ing… hmmm… maybe my 911 Turbo S could do with some more horse­power. Now with 571bhp from the twin-tur­bocharged flat-six the Turbo S isn’t ex­actly lack­ing in horse­power; heck with four-wheel drive and a gi­gan­tic 700Nm of torque it is one of the fastest ac­cel­er­at­ing sports cars on the planet with a sub tensec­ond ac­cel­er­a­tion time to 200kmph. Yup, 200kmph in un­der ten sec­onds. But then again Boopesh Reddy isn’t your av­er­age sports car en­thu­si­ast. The man be­hind Bren Garage – check them out on In­sta­gram – Boopesh is among the most hard­core of car en­thu­si­asts I’ve ever met, and he has the means to in­dulge his pas­sions. The last time I met him at the Bren Garage in Bengaluru I clocked three evo Car of the Year win­ners – the 911 R, Cay­man GT4 and 458 Spe­ciale – sit­ting along­side a bunch of Lam­bos, As­tons and Porsches. This guy knows his cars and far from be­ing a vic­tim of cur­rent trends and fash­ions, he buys cars that both will be used (on road and track) and will at­tain iconic sta­tus. That he bought a 458 Spe­ciale despite the dealer of­fer­ing him a 488 GTB tells you as much. And among those 911s parked in his garage was a brand new 991.2 Turbo S. Lit­tle did we imag­ine that a few months later that very same car would be sent to Racetech in Bengaluru to be turned into the wildest Porsche in the country.

Boopesh picks up the story. “I fol­low TechArt on In­sta­gram and as soon as I saw the GTStreet R I called Manik (of Racetech and of­fi­cial In­dia rep­re­sen­ta­tive of TechArt) to ask if we could do it in In­dia. And he said yes.”

A month later Boopesh was in Ger­many to check out the TechArt fa­cil­i­ties in Leon­berg and get be­hind

the wheel of a pro­to­type. “It was some­thing I hadn’t ever ex­pe­ri­enced”, says Boopesh of the GTstreet R. The mo­ment I saw it I knew I should get it but I had this ques­tion whether we could do this in In­dia, whether the TechArt peo­ple will come to In­dia to in­stall it.”

Be­fore we go any fur­ther we have to talk about TechArt. Ar­guably one of the great­est, of a whole bunch of re­ally great Porsche tuners, TechArt started off 30 years ago with a body kit for the 928, pro­gress­ing to an aero kit on the then-new 964-se­ries 911 be­fore gain­ing real no­to­ri­ety with a su­per­charger kit to extract 462bhp on a 911 – that was back in 1995. Their aero and en­gine kits have proper mo­tor­sport roots too with a TechArt 911 GT3 tak­ing over­all vic­tory in a race of Porsche GTP Racing se­ries in 2000, and then clock­ing a Nur­bur­gring lap time of 7:39 in 2007. To­day they of­fer a range of per­for­mance upgrades to the en­tire Porsche range, even Cayennes that can top 320kmph, but their call­ing card is the GTstreet R pro­gram that gained fame when a 997 GT2 ran the fastest time at the 2008 Tuner Grand Prix, giv­ing le­git­i­macy to TechArt’s claim of be­ing the top Por­shce tuner in the world.

Back home in In­dia, Racetech can lay claim to be­ing among the top tuners for sports and su­per­cars with most of the re­ally de­li­cious ex­otics in the country un­der their care. Manik Bhard­waj runs Racetech with his part­ners and is open about hav­ing to go to Ger­many to in­ter­view with TechArt and con­vince them that a very, very se­ri­ous job like a GTstreet R con­ver­sion could be done in In­dia. “This is the only GTstreet R in our part of the world, that in­cludes the Mid­dle East and South East Asia, that is not done in Ger­many,” says Manik. “It was a big deal for them to trust some­body in In­dia to build their flag­ship car. I

re­ally had to con­vince them that we can do some­thing as ex­treme out here.”

But con­vince them he did and the car you see here was built en­tirely at Racetech’s fa­cil­ity in Bengaluru. Boopesh specced the car in Ger­many and get­ting the kit ready took three months while build­ing the car took an­other three months. And by build­ing I ac­tu­ally mean re-build­ing.

The con­ver­sion starts with strip­ping out the 911 Turbo S to its bare shell – ev­ery­thing goes out. All the pan­els that you see, with the ex­cep­tion of the roof and doors, are custom car­bon parts, and the aerokit in­cludes ac­tive aero­dy­nam­ics that pro­vides a to­tal down­force of 321kg at 300kmph in Per­for­mance mode. The front apron has an ac­tive lip spoiler to op­ti­mise air­flow to the wa­ter and air cool­ers while a cen­tral air out­let re­duces the aero­dy­namic lift. Flaps po­si­tioned lat­er­ally both in­crease the down­force and re­duce drag. Air out­lets in the car­bon front fend­ers ex­haust the heat gen­er­ated by the brakes as well as re­duce the aero pres­sure in the fend­ers. Car­bon parts are just about ev­ery­where – the air in­takes on the rear pan­els, air vents on the rear apron, the trim panel con­nect­ing the tail­lamps and the en­tire rear dif­fuser. Even the four cen­tral tailpipes are made of car­bon­fi­bre. And of course who can miss that mas­sive rear wing on top of the en­gine lid that, in Per­for­mance mode, raises au­to­mat­i­cally and ad­justs its an­gle by up to 15 de­grees for added down­force.

And it needs all that down­force now that the twin-turbo flat-six has been boosted to 710bhp with a gi­nor­mous 920Nm of torque push­ing it to an in­cred­i­ble top speed of 340kmph. The ac­cel­er­a­tion times are equally numb­ing: 100kmph now takes 2.7 sec­onds, 200kmph takes 8.5 sec­onds while 300kmph takes 23.3 sec­onds. To en­hance grip the tyres are up­sized to 265/35 ZR 20 tyres at the front and 325/30 ZR 20 tyres at the rear, mounted on forged 20-inch TechArt For­mula IV Race cen­tre­lock wheels. Boopesh adds, “I re­ally must men­tion that all these mod­i­fi­ca­tions where done by Manik and to do this all in In­dia and in­te­grate it with Porsche’s elec­tron­ics is a very com­mend­able ef­fort that I re­ally ap­pre­ci­ate.”

The T2.1 Pow­erkit in­cludes new tur­bos, new ex­haust, new in­takes and new en­gine and gear­box ECUs with

With 710bhp and 920Nm,

200kmph takes 8.5 sec­onds and top speed is

now up to 340kmph

remapped soft­ware. It plugs into the stan­dard CAN bus and is op­er­ated via the reg­u­lar Sport dial on the steer­ing wheel, no ugly af­ter mar­ket parts lit­ter­ing the Al­can­taraswathed cabin. Even the TechArt Var­i­oPlus coilover sus­pen­sion is plugged into the PDDC sys­tem, as is the front axle lift sys­tem that pro­vides an ad­di­tional 60mm of ground clear­ance at the front. In nor­mal mode only the stan­dard power fig­ures are on tap and the ad­di­tional 139hp kicks in when the dial is turned up to Sport or Sport Plus mode. That’s the thing Boopesh loves most about his car.

“It’s so com­fort­able!” says Boopesh. “I bought the Turbo S for its com­fort lev­els. You can do 300-500km with­out get­ting tired. I’ve been on long drives only in this car. It is a fast car that you can drive ev­ery­where and it was the car that I put the most miles on. I did not want to lose that as­pect and the GTstreet R is ex­actly that – it is more a street kind of con­cept. It is fast and quick with­out com­pro­mis­ing the com­fort of the Turbo S. When I turn the knob to Sport or Sport Plus the ve­hi­cle be­comes an an­i­mal. But in nor­mal it be­comes silent, it is com­fort­able to drive, you can lis­ten to music.

Boopesh uses all his cars and is a reg­u­lar at track days at the MMRT and BIC. “This is more a drag car,” he clar­i­fies. “Oc­ca­sional track days are okay but this has way too much power. This car I will use on the road. It is the only car that can clear all the speed­break­ers. It is like two ex­tremes – as com­fort­able as pos­si­ble and when I press a but­ton it be­comes a beast!”

It is a beast that you will be see­ing quite a lot of, not just on In­sta­gram but the roads of Bengaluru.

Above: Ex­trav­a­gant body kit is func­tional and in­cludes ac­tive aero­dy­nam­ics . Be­low: 20-inch cen­tre lock wheels with Pilot Sport Cup 2 rub­ber

Top: Vents on the front apron extract brake heat and pres­sure in­side the wheel arch. Left: In­te­rior loaded with Al­can­tara and lib­eral ap­pli­ca­tion of car­bon and yel­low lac­quer­ing

Top right: Ac­tive lip spoiler en­hances aero­dy­namic per­for­mance. Above: Ex­clu­siv­ity guar­an­teed with the GTstreet R limited to just 30, Bren Garage's is sev­enth in the line

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