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What is with Lexus? The styling is OMG which I think is what they were go­ing for and I think peo­ple in Amer­ica like go­ing by the sales tra­jec­tory but it re­ally is some­thing else. I can only imag­ine what those big chrome wheels will look like on a black LS 500. I have also never heard of Kiriko glass and I bet none of the own­ers would have heard of it ei­ther and so one re­ally ques­tions the whole idea be­hind it espe­cially when you are charg­ing the sun and the moon. You tell me how many peo­ple will buy this over an S-Class. Oh wait, I think the May­bach is the same price as the LS! We'll be see­ing it only in mag­a­zine pages then I guess.

Sameer Jha

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