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Lam­borgh­ini Aven­ta­dor SVJ, Bu­gatti Divo, Fer­rari Monza SP1 and SP2 and a lot more

NEWS, IN­TER­VIEWS, TECH AND EV­ERY NEW CAR THAT MAT­TERS AS THE AU­TO­MO­TIVE WORLD RACES head­long on an elec­tric path, Lam­borgh­ini is re­main­ing loyal to the in­ter­nal com­bus­tion en­gine that has served it so well these past 55 years. It’s acutely aware that one day it will suc­cumb to the pres­sures of pro­duc­ing hy­brid and EV pow­er­trains, but un­til bat­tery­pow­ered mo­tors are able to de­liver the emo­tive en­gage­ment of a howl­ing V10 or


de­monic V12 there will al­ways be a mul­ti­cylin­der, petrol-fu­elled en­gine at­tached to the alu­minium or car­bon tubs of Sant’Agatabuilt sports and su­per sports cars.Which is great news, be­cause noth­ing spikes the hair on an writer’s neck like a Lam­borgh­ini en­gine at full chat. And now there’s an­other Bolognese beast to en­joy: the Aven­ta­dor SVJ. All 759bhp of it.

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