From its long hood to its wide rear haunches, the F-Type is one slinky stun­ner

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V8s fre­quently strug­gle for trac­tion, es­pe­cially ex­it­ing cor­ners. The two-litre's lower out­put and gen­tler power de­liv­ery mean it doesn't feel too tail-happy, even with the trac­tion con­trol com­pletely switched off. Here's an F-Type you can drive with lots of con­fi­dence, with no fear of the rear axle giv­ing you a nasty sur­prise. Early V8s cer­tainly couldn't claim that.

How­ever, the new en­gine isn't the most ea­ger for a sports car, be­ing more keen to pro­duce low down torque rather than high revving ex­cite­ment. With the gear­box in man­ual mode and the car in its more ag­gres­sive Dy­namic set­ting, it's easy to drive the sharp han­dling Jag close to the en­gine's rev lim­iter at most times, with­out scar­ing your­self. Left to its own de­vices, the trans­mis­sion al­ways shifts up far too early and with­out much ur­gency. The gear changes are smooth, though. There's no short­age of noise un­der en­thu­si­as­tic use thanks to a sporty ex­haust along with some pops and bangs when you're off the gas. I par­tic­u­larly like how the en­gine note fades away to a pleas­ing back­ground bur­ble. But there's no hid­ing the fact that you're lis­ten­ing to a four cylin­der which sounds... a bit tame... in a two-seat Jag es­pe­cially if you've ex­pe­ri­enced the V8. It's the one area where this en­try level F-Type feels clearly in­fe­rior to larger en­gined sib­lings. Ob­jec­tively this is a bet­ter F-Type. It may sound a bit like a hot hatch, but the flip­side is you can drive it like one. Which is a proper nov­elty.

With the two litre F-Type, there's less theatre. You can buckle down and com­mit to driv­ing it as hard as you can and will, rather than sit­ting back and ap­peas­ing your hooli­gan side. It can be driven at a far higher per­cent­age of its po­ten­tial more of­ten. I hon­estly think it might ac­tu­ally have bet­ter real world pace over its more ex­pen­sive sib­lings, while lack­ing only slightly in the thrills it of­fers. The sus­pen­sion is well tuned and the ride is com­posed. It doesn't crash into pot­holes or over bumps and it's con­sis­tent with its be­hav­iour. And you also get it with a fold­ing soft top if you like wind in your hair. Ku­dos to Jaguar for mak­ing one model feel like two com­pletely dif­fer­ent cars. And this one brings the F-Type closer to Porsche in terms of price and cor­ner­ing at­ti­tude than ever be­fore. ⌧

Top to bot­tom: The sin­gle tail pipe some­how re­duces the rear vis­ual drama of the F-Type; lit­tle touches that make this Jag cool; the new in­ter­face fur­ther en­hances the in­te­rior feel

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