Evo India - - AUDI RS 5 COUPE & S5 SPORTBACK -

“IF YOU COULD DRIVE JUST ONE OF THEM back home,” I ask Aditya, “What would it be?” He hums and haws but even­tu­ally fesses up. “The RS 5.”

Can’t ar­gue with him, though my choice is a lit­tle dif­fer­ent and we will get to that in a bit. This is the new­est in Audi’s fast-car range and boy does it look mega. Audi, it seems, is fi­nally lis­ten­ing to us and while the RS 5 couldn’t be any­thing but an Audi it is now suf­fi­ciently dis­tin­guished from its broth­ers and sis­ters. It rocks its own unique vibe; a vibe that is all about mus­cle. There’s that heav­ily creased bon­net with the manda­tory power bulge, mas­sively mus­cled haunches, flared nos­trils, sweet 19-inch rims with wor­ry­ingly low-pro, yet achingly beau­ti­ful, rub­ber. It ad­ver­tises its in­tent like fast Audis rarely did, with the ob­vi­ous ex­cep­tion of the R8. And as we’ve come to ex­pect of Audi, the in­te­rior is a beauty. Re­sist its charms? No way! Ex­cept for one thing – it doesn’t need a power bulge.

In a way I’m sad. The RS 5 was the last rest­ing place for one of Audi’s most mem­o­rable en­gines, the 4.2-litre V8. I first ex­pe­ri­enced it on the B5 RS4 Avant, ar­guably the best RS car to date, a car in which I first ex­pe­ri­enced the joys of an un­re­stricted Ger­man Au­to­bahn, a car that never made it to In­dia. The en­gine was then dry-sumped for the very first R8 and

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