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WHY ON EARTH WOULD YOU WANT 550 horse­power in an es­tate? What the hell will you do with a 550bhp es­tate? Valid ques­tions, both, but then again why the heck not? Even with a hulk­ing great V8 un­der that hulk­ing great bon­net there’s noth­ing stop­ping you from tak­ing the dog for a drive. The RS 6 Avant re­mains a very prac­ti­cal car for the wife to take the kids to school in. Or you can leave the wife, the kids, and the dog at home and pro­ceed to de­mol­ish ev­ery road ever made. The ex­press­way, the twisties slith­er­ing up a moun­tain­side, a race track, a drag race; whether it is dry or wet, rough or smooth, gravel strewn or oil patched, the Audi RS 6 Avant ruth­lessly de­cap­i­tates ev­ery known bit of tar­mac.

This par­tic­u­lar car, I hate it. It is the rea­son my drag rac­ing tro­phies don’t in­clude an over­all first. Many months ago I rocked up at a drag race armed with my Sparco gloves, an app on my phone to hone re­ac­tion times, and a Ger­man hotrod rock­ing a Race Start mode com­plete with a com­pli­cated launch con­trol se­quence and a big ol' che­quered flag on the dis­play. And I pro­ceeded to get pasted by this car that doesn’t even have launch con­trol! By a driver who had use­less re­ac­tion times. He just stepped on it and went. For­get me, the Audi was so quick the reign­ing champ was rat­tled into mak­ing a jump start.

This car is naughty. It says 250kmph lim­ited on the spec sheet yet we filmed it do­ing 286kmph be­fore we ran out of road. It is men­tal. Un­der 4 sec­onds to 100kmph. Qu­at­tro-en­abled grip that launches so hard a beau­ti­ful im­print of your skull is left in the head­rest. So much torque there's no man­ual gear­box or even a twin-clutch auto in Audi's parts bin can han­dle it. And all this on a near-5 me­tre long es­tate car, a genre that is sup­posed to be all about prac­ti­cal­ity and com­mon sense.

I love this car! It’s all the car I’d ever want or need. It’s the coolest thing you could own. It looks cool as

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