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I spent a Sun­day morn­ing with CEO Michael Per­schke at Au­to­mo­bili Pin­in­fa­rina's Mu­nich of­fices where I was shown fi­nal sketches of the PF0. And it looks beau­ti­ful, that full width LED DRL on the nose a dis­tinct vis­ual sig­na­ture as is the split rear wing. I can tell you that the doors scis­sor up­wards, adding con­sid­er­able vis­ual drama, while the cock­pit has a cen­tral speedo flanked by two large screens on ei­ther side, which evokes a cen­tral seat­ing po­si­tion vibe. The PF0 — not the fi­nal name — is a con­ven­tion­ally beau­ti­ful Ital­ian su­per­car with Michael in­sist­ing it will have Ital­ian flair and will not be cold and emo­tion­less. Cus­tomers are sign­ing up for Michael's vi­sion with 75 per cent of US al­lo­ca­tion spo­ken for. The Euro­pean road show is yet to kick off in right earnest and al­ready 25 per cent of al­lo­ca­tion has been sold. That's 200,000 euro de­posits on the 2 mil­lion euro hy­per­car of which only 150 will be built with de­liv­er­ies to start in 2021.

This is of course the start, next for Au­to­mo­bili Pin­in­fa­rina is an all-elec­tric su­perSUV to ri­val the Urus and word on the street is that it will use com­po­nents from the Ri­vian all-elec­tric pickup that has only re­cently been show­cased. This SUV will be more sen­si­bly priced, not much higher than the top-ofthe-line Tesla Model X's 350,000 dol­lar price tag. I've seen sketches of the SUV and that will have even more of an im­pact than the PF0. And if the styling doesn't floor you the 0-100kmph time of un­der 3 sec­onds from the 740bhp bat­tery pack def­i­nitely will.

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