Bill of Safety

Mo­tor Ve­hi­cle Amend­ment bill(2019) aims to make our roads safer


IT IS NO SE­CRET THAT OUR ROADS are among the most dan­ger­ous in the world. And that is not just an empty state­ment. The fact is sup­ported by sta­tis­tics that are sim­ply shock­ing. Ev­ery year more than 1,50,000 peo­ple lose their lives in road ac­ci­dents in the coun­try.

The Mo­tor Ve­hi­cles Amend­ment bill 2019 should make our roads safer by heav­ily pe­nal­is­ing road of­fences. Good sa­mar­i­tans will also no longer have to fear harass­ment from au­thor­i­ties and can help vic­tims of road ac­ci­dents without hav­ing to dis­close their iden­tity to po­lice or med­i­cal per­son­nel. In hit and run cases, the gov­ern­ment will pay com­pen­sa­tion to the vic­tim's kin of `2 lakh in­stead of `25,000 ear­lier.

The fine for drunk driv­ing has been in­creased from `2000 to `10,000. The fine for over­speed­ing has gone up from `400 to `1,0002,000. Not wear­ing seat­belts would now at­tract a fine of `1000 as against a pal­try `100 ear­lier.

Chat­ting on a mo­bile phone while driv­ing will also be pe­nalised heav­ily and will at­tract a fine of `5000, up from `1000 while the fine for rash driv­ing has been in­creased from `1000 ear­lier to `5000 now.

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