The Tesla Cy­bertruck was un­veiled in Los An­ge­les with some shat­ter­ing an­nounce­ments


SHOCK AND AWE: THAT'S THE play­book Elon Musk likes to use when launch­ing a new prod­uct and that's ex­actly what he has de­liv­ered with the muchawaite­d Cy­bertruck, Tesla's take on a pickup truck. The lines and side pro­file would make leg­endary Lam­borgh­ini de­signer Gan­dini say ‘Coun­tach' but not with­out a bit of DeLorean in there. Elon Musk and Tesla de­sign head, Franz von Holzhausen have made head­lines and cap­tured ev­ery­one's at­ten­tion glob­ally with this unique, al­most Bru­tal­ist de­sign that lacks form and fol­lows func­tion. Or, it could just be a fu­tur­is­tic-look­ing truck straight out of a Stan­ley Kubrick film!

The Cy­bertruck's body shell has bor­rowed some learn­ings from one of Elon's other en­deav­ours, SpaceX, in par­tic­u­lar, us­ing the same cold-rolled stain­less steel that is used on the Star­ship. One of the rea­sons the Cy­bertruck is shaped the way it is, is be­cause this steel can­not be stamped the same way as con­ven­tional steel. The ben­e­fits? It is ex­tremely strong, as demon­strated by Musk tak­ing a sledge­ham­mer to it at the global show­case.

Elon's brief to his en­gi­neers was that he wanted a truck with the Ford F-150's util­ity and Porsche 911's per­for­mance; the end re­sult is that you have a pickup truck that does 0-100 in un­der three sec­onds with the tri-mo­tor setup. There are two other set­ups with dif­fer­ent per­for­mance and ranges to match. The sin­gle mo­tor setup gets over 400km range, the dual mo­tor one comes with over 480km and the top-of-the-line tri mo­tor set up gets a claimed 800km of range. Will the Cy­bertruck see the light of day? Musk has now show­cased a to­tal of four ve­hi­cles you can­not buy yet – the Semi, Road­ster, Model Y and now this, the Cy­bertruck – so if it does, it is still some time away. What it has most cer­tainly done is dis­rupted what we can ex­pect from a pick-up in the fu­ture. The last time Tesla caused a dis­rup­tion like this, we all know what hap­pened – the elec­tric car ac­tu­ally be­came cool!


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