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Quick shift­ing AT trans­mis­sion

“The au­to­matic trans­mis­sion makes full use of the in­creased power and torque of the 2.8 GD se­ries en­gine to feel as quick as the man­ual. The shifts are quick enough and there’s a man­ual mode which we used quite ex­ten­sively while charg­ing up the Am­boli ghat that spits you out at Sawant­wadi on the Ma­ha­rash­tra-Goa bor­der. It’s again a very re­fined trans­mis­sion mated to a very re­fined en­gine and any­one who is used to the old-gen In­nova will ap­pre­ci­ate how ef­fort­less the new pack­age feels. You main­tain higher speeds and yet are more re­laxed”.

A style state­ment

“The styling is com­pletely op­po­site of bor­ing. The In­nova gets this gap­ing new grille with thick chrome bars on the top that con­tinue through the nar­row head­lamps. These hor­i­zon­tal el­e­ments stretch the In­nova out mak­ing it seem vis­ually wider and lower. The head­lamps have sep­a­rate el­e­ments for low and high beams and smart look­ing DRLs. It’s a far cry from every Toy­ota we’ve had till now”.

Spa­cious in­te­ri­ors

“80 per cent of In­nova cus­tomers are re­peat buy­ers who want more lux­ury. And Toy­ota have turned the In­nova Crysta into a genuine lux­u­ri­ous MPV, par­tic­u­larly at the back. The seats have be­come wider, there is a tray that folds out from the back of the front seats, in­ten­sity of the am­bi­ent light­ing can be ad­justed and the rear doors even get wood in­serts to make the guy at the back feel spe­cial”.

Solid un­der­pin­nings

“Me­chan­i­cally, the IMV plat­form has been beefed up with in­creased plate thick­ness and the beams have a larger cross-sec­tion but the con­se­quent weight in­crease has been off-set by use of more high ten­sile steel to tip the scales at 1870kg. Ad­di­tional re­in­force­ment to the frame has in­creased over­all rigid­ity while sheer tough­ness of the frame has also gone up. I must add that the In­nova can be equipped with seven airbags while ABS is stan­dard”.

Re­fine­ment re­defined

“First im­pres­sions are of a height­ened sense of lux­ury. With the all-black dash, high-qual­ity kit and gen­uinely more ac­com­mo­dat­ing seats (8-way power ad­justable for the driver), you feel like you’re in a lux­ury car and not a taxi. In the pre­sen­ta­tion, an en­gi­neer – stetho­scope round his neck! – talked about sen­sory eval­u­a­tion and he wasn’t fool­ing around: the In­nova is def­i­nitely more silent than the cur­rent one. At 120kmph, there’s very lit­tle road, en­gine and tyre noise”.

Meaty pow­er­train

“With 148bhp and 343Nm of torque from the 2.4-litre mo­tor, there’s now enough power to keep up with all the For­tuners on the high­way while her sta­bil­ity at speed is con­sid­er­ably bet­ter. In fact, the sta­bil­ity is bet­ter than most lad­der-frame SUVs and you feel safe and con­fi­dent driv­ing her hard and fast. There is vir­tu­ally no pitch­ing and bounc­ing at the nose and body move­ments are kept in check”.

Great drive­abil­ity

“If you’re in a tear­ing hurry, the In­nova Crysta can stay ahead of fast mov­ing traf­fic. There’s a new power mode that makes the en­gine very re­spon­sive to even a slight tap on the throt­tle and gives you an added surge of acel­er­a­tion when you’re tak­ing off. It’s ac­tu­ally well-judged with the Eco mode not pulling all the life out of the en­gine”.

Er­gonom­i­cally sorted

“The 2016 In­nova Crysta is a vast im­prove­ment and is now a lux­ury car rid­ing on me­chan­i­cals that we all know can sur­vive an apoc­a­lypse. The elec­tri­cally ad­justable seats go re­ally low and the steer­ing is ad­justable for reach. The seats are more cushy and there’s more space at the rear – with wider seats too. The ur­gent throt­tle re­sponse and ac­cel­er­a­tion is worth ap­pre­ci­at­ing and the Crysta also han­dles re­ally, re­ally, well”.

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