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Be­hind most power cen­tres are beau­ti­ful, at­trac­tive and in­tel­li­gent women, who act as the be­hind-the-scene forces in palaces. We know about Ni­ira Ra­dia’s net­work and in­flu­ence within UPA-II. But there were oth­ers too, who were ac­tive, but re­mained away from the pub­lic glare. Hence, for four years, the ob­servers of Raisina Hill were per­plexed, in­trigued, even piqued about the lack of pow­er­ful beau­ties within the cor­ri­dors of power. But then they were not look­ing hard enough. The so­cial grapevine of the Cap­i­tal talks mis­chie­vously and mys­te­ri­ously about a tall, fair, and slim woman in her mid-40s, who trav­els in BMWs and Mercedes, and who has in­fil­trated the pow­ers-that-be through a Mus­lim net­work that op­er­ates out of Dubai. A top Mus­lim clergy from Andhra Pradesh pa­tro­n­ises her. She claims to be in reg­u­lar touch with small-time BJP lead­ers from Jharkhand. At present, she is close to lawyers and judges, with a hold on the Haryana bu­reau­cracy and busi­ness. She boasts of her prox­im­ity to se­nior of­fi­cers in Delhi Po­lice; a few jour­nal­ists who wanted to ex­pose her ne­far­i­ous ac­tiv­i­ties were threat­ened by these po­lice of­fi­cers. How­ever, the Dubai links are cru­cial. The above-men­tioned Mus­lim clergy is close to the “Sa­heb”. He also runs an NGO, which re­ceives huge funds from the Gulf re­gion. The lady-in-ques­tion runs a shop in prom­i­nent and elit­ist Khan Mar­ket. Now that we know about this gor­geous pres­ence in Lu­tyens Delhi, we will closely track her ac­tiv­i­ties over the next few months. Watch this space in case you are in­ter­ested!

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