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Did you know Family Man's Muthu is a doctor?

'Being the rst doctor in the family comes with a lot of expectatio­ns.' ‘I guess I have been a constant source of disappoint­ment.'


The Family Man 2 has showcased so many talents.

Among them is Ravindra Vijay, who played the Chennai-based

intelligen­ce officer Muthu Pandian.

Interestin­gly, Vijay, who grew up in Bengaluru, trained to be a


After practicing medicine briefly, he quit the profession to take

up acting in 2011.

"The world sees it as 'Oh, he left a lucrative career in medicine

for acting', but for me, it seemed like an obvious step."

There are a lot of memes on the characters of The Family Man 2. Do you think memes are the yardstick to gauge the impact of the film/series and its characters?

I guess, in today's world, memes are definitely a huge impact


It easily translates a few hour long series to a concise frame.

It takes a great amount of creativity to do that and right now,

Chellam sir is a rage. There are quite a few of them doing

rounds on us too.

Did you expect this kind of attention?

One always hopes to get noticed, no matter what work one

does. And with a series of this scale, definitely yes.

But it has been beyond our expectatio­n for the series and for

the individual characters as well.

While I was performing, I did not realise this role would have

this much significan­ce.

The phone hasn't stopped ringing.

Compliment­s have been flowing from all over the country.

Especially in south India, this character seems to have a lot of


How did you come on board for The Family Man 2?

I heard about the show through my friend Suman Kumar, who

is the writer of The Family Man.

I auditioned for the show.

When season 2 casting began, season 1 hadn't released yet, so

we didn't know how big it was going to be.

Midway through the shoot of season 2, season 1 released.

That's when we realised how big it turned out to be.

How tough was it to look seamless while switching languages from Tamil to English and then Hindi? How comfortabl­e are you in Hindi?

I am from Bangalore and all these languages, including

Kannada and Telugu, come easily to me.

For this character, I had to make it seem like I was not a natural

Hindi-speaking guy

My Hindi is way better than Muthu's.

My character knows functional Hindi so I had to unlearn some

of my Hindi for the role.

You have worked with a seasoned actor like Manoj Bajpayee.

Working with Manoj was a learning experience; he makes it

seem effortless.

We would rehearse every scene before the take.

He creates a kind of space where everyone can contribute.

And big thanks to (Creators and Directors) Raj

and DK for creating that kind of environmen­t. You are a doctor. How did you become an actor?

The world sees it as 'Oh, he left a lucrative career

in medicine for acting', but for me, it seemed like

an obvious step.

What started as a hobby in medical college

became a passion.

After college, I practiced (medicine) for some


Later, I started working for a theatre group called

Rafiki in Bangalore for a few years.

I moved to Chennai and continued doing theatre.

Then a Tamil movie, Anbirkiniy­al, happened.

A couple of years later, I did the Telugu movie

Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya, which gave me

a big break.

I played the antagonist in that. Even though it was

a non-speaking part, it grabbed a lot of attention

because it was a powerful role.

Then The Family Man happened.

I will continue working in Tamil and Telugu films.

I hope to get work in Hindi too.

How did your parents react to your shift in profession?

I think they are still reacting (laughs).

Being the first doctor in the family comes with a

lot of expectatio­ns.

I guess I have been a constant source of


But slowly, they have come around and accepted

that medicine is not an option anymore.

It's been 10 years now.

Any possibilit­y of returning to medicine in the future?

I volunteere­d to help during the pandemic.

I spoke to a few of my friends during the peak of

COVID-19, but they suggested that I keep away

for now.

As medicine is an evolving field, you need to be

regularly in touch with treatments.

Are you happy with the kind of roles you are getting?

I mostly get baddie roles.

I don't want to get typecast.

Since I have played a positive character in The

Family Man 2, I hope people offer me diverse


I want to do comedy too.

The OTT space has a diverse set of stories.

The scope is bigger.

I'm looking forward to interestin­g work; the

language doesn't matter.

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