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Prateik Chaudhary

Saying no to work at times is dif cult but it’s good to follow your heart, I do the same


As a performer, Prateik Chaudhary has no inhibition in exploring different characters. The story, intensity of the role, and the team matter to the actor more than the screen of the role he is portraying. Though new to the industry, the Paramavtar Shri Krishna fame actor knows that honesty, dedication, and openness to try new things are the necessary factors to earn success. He talks about his career choices, what draws him to a project, his experience so far, social media, and a lot more:

Tell us about your role in the web series Becharey

The character of Vicky is the opposite of me. He's a Bhojpuri guy, who is a struggler, a big fan of Ravi Kishan and wants to become an actor. Playing this character was really challengin­g and interestin­g for me. I also had to gain weight, to fit into the character, I always had a lean muscular body but just for the character, I gained little weight to give proper justice to the character. The series directed by Kranti Pratap Singh will be released on MXPlayer this month. I got to work with veteran villain Ranjit. It was awesome to act alongside the most popular Bollywood villain.

What kind of reality shows do you want to do?

I have been offered a few reality shows but every time I would be busy with some other project. When you are committed to something, you can't take up more work. Though right now I am occupied with work, I would love to take up reality shows in the future. I am the biggest Salman Khan fan. He is the perfect host not only for Big Boss but for any reality show as we want the real stuff from the reality shows and made-up things. He is all real, straightfo­rward and very honest. If I ever get a chance to enter Bigg Boss, Salman Khan would be the primary reason why I would say yes. Working with him would be an experience in itself. I also like the concept of the show. It's both fascinatin­g and entertaini­ng. If I ever enter the Bigg Boss house, all I would do is to be real and go with the flow. I am sure the audience would like to see the real side of the contestant and not all the drama and fake fights.”

Are you interested in Khatron Ke Khiladi?

I would love to do Khatron Ke Khiladi for the adventure it offers. It is a very prestigiou­s show. Rohit Shetty as an anchor is amazing. It adds to your brand value. I will like to find my phobias if any. The canvas of the show is big that every actor wants to do it. What kind of characters interest you and why?

All kinds of characters interest me. Whether small or big, every character has its uniqueness and an actor should find that out and make it a better experience for the audience. But if I have to choose the kind of roles that I enjoy portraying then I would say I feel I am good at doing intense roles and comedies. I have done them both and loved being on two different sides of the spectrum.

Are you a director's actor or do you enjoy adding your touches to a character?

Every time we don't get the option to perform however we want. Some directors have their own vision, they know what they want and what is best, so in that case, I trust the director and do exactly what they tell me to. But then there are also directors who give freedom to actors and lets them

improvise, I enjoy collaborat­ing with them as well. When I am allowed to play around with my character, and make my own and unique, it does bring the best out of me.

How do you move from one character to another?

As an actor, you have to be like water so that you can take the shape of any container that you are poured into. So moving from one character to the next is not very difficult if you are a good actor. Before doing TV these last two years, I had done theatre and at that time I would have been doing twothree characters in different plays. There have been times when I performed three different plays on the same day. Every time I wear the costume of the character, I become the character.

How easy or difficult it is for an actor to say yes or no to projects? Do too many times saying no lead to people misunderst­anding you? Whether the part is small or big, positive or negative, everything has something new to offer. In the end, actor ko actor Kaun Banata hai, an iconic role and performanc­e. So the choice that an actor makes is very important. And whatever role one chooses, he or she should just enjoy doing it. When you give your hundred percent to something, it always shows in your work. Saying no to work at times is difficult but it's good to follow your heart, I do the same.

What interests you in a project and why?

As an actor I never ask the director how big or small is my character is, I always see how the story panning out and how important is my character to the narrative. The team and also the vision of the director really interest me in a project. I need to be convinced about the entire project in totality.

Do you regret taking up an offer or doing certain TV or web projects?

I have always done projects that I wanted to do and not out of compulsion… I guess it's a dream for every actor to do big banner movies, likewise, I also want to do films but I am presently focusing more on the web and television. I want to work on my craft first, then step into films.

In times of social media, how important it is to be responsibl­e as an influencer to put out content that has a positive effect on society? Are you active on various social media platforms?

Yes, I also like social media but at the same time don't overdo it. Nowadays people are more active on social media. As actors, we know that a lot of people follow us and take an interest in what we do and go about things. So it's our responsibi­lity to think twice before posting. We need to spread positivity in whatever little ways possible. I keep on posting about my fitness, healthy diet and life goals so that people get motivated

Actors are influencer­s given the kind of following they enjoy on social media. On this note, how important is it to take a stand from time to time for what you believe is right as an influencer?

Not only as an actor or influencer, but as a human being, it is important to take a stand. Whenever I see something wrong happening around, I can't keep calm. I post stories on my social media so that it reaches out to many and make people aware of it. I am quite emotional so it's not about being an actor but in general whenever I see something wrong, I just cannot stop myself

There have been discussion­s about certain issues plaguing the industry and outsiders getting exploited. Did you or any of your friends face any such experience­s? Also, what would you advice to newcomers who might get misdirecte­d at times?

Like I said I have had a smooth run so far. It is good and bad everywhere, but as I said people have been kind to me thankfully. But as an actor I would advise newcomers that you will face challenges and hurdles, you may feel like quitting at some point, even if I have been through all these. There was a time when I had no money to even survive a single day. Though I stayed with my family, I have always been independen­t. But the best thing about time is, it's not always the same. So, hang in there, believe in yourself, and just don't stop. Rest if you want but never stop trying.

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