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I don’t choose to share my opinion with the world

Kirti Kulhari


Kirti Kulhari, who straddles

commercial and

meaningful cinema, is in

Chandigarh visiting her Army

officer sister. Speaking to us, the

'Uri' and 'Pink' actress startles us

with a bold conversati­on about not

joining the clamour of

entertainm­ent celebs bombarding

social media platforms with their

opinions. Excerpts.

We don't see you commenting on issues on social media, which is rare for celebs.

99% of the times people don't know

what they are talking about. A lot of

what is put out is not the truth but

are versions of the truth. If you are

talking about being responsibl­e as a

public figure, this is what you need

to do- not shoot off an opinion on

everything without knowing the

facts. Just because I don't put out

tweet every two days, doesn't mean

I don't have an opinion. I don't

choose to share my opinion with

the world. I talk through my work,

because that's in my control. With

social media, there is a sea of

opinions, and everyone feels their

opinion matters, but it doesn't.

People squander energies on the

outside world, but what about

yourself, your inside? I believe in

inner work and don't seek outside

validation. Escaping from what's

inside...I know the inside is scary.

But once you make friends with

yourself, you won't run away.

If not on social media, how did you spend the lockdown?

I did take to my social media

handles but to talk to my fans, or

co-actors. I didn't see much stuff on

OTT in the lockdown, instead I

read a lot because I knew once

industry opens, I won't have time. I

can kill for me time. As an actor, I

feel you must invest in yourself

first. The healthier you are

physically, emotionall­y, spirituall­y,

the better you can give out. The

idea of giving, without filling in, is

exhausting. I missed shooting and

travelling, so August onwards I

have been travelling a lot for work

too. I am also doing two short

films, one of which is based on

three stories in the lockdown and

will be sent for festivals. I spent

time with my parents, after long. I

was the last of four kids to leave

home and spent maximum time

with them. I relived those days with

them in the pandemic.

Your choice of work, including essaying strong women, is it by design or coincidenc­e?

Of course, it's by design, because I

am naturally drawn to it. Idea of

commercial cinema is exciting me

less by the day. I don't believe that

you choose your path, it's the path

that pulls you. Now, people are also

skeptical of making such film offers

to me (laughs).

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