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'It's been tough, I won't lie'


Advi Shesh's multi-lingual film Major has been delayed indefinite­ly, but he stays hopeful about its fate.

"The moment theatres are back, which is obviously in the near future, we want to give people a beautiful experience based on the life of a true hero," he tells Subhash K Jha.

Do you see a bleak future for cinema now that COVID-19 has broken the audiences' theatre-going habit?

As someone who saw a robust box office in South India between the two waves, I feel it's a matter of making our country safe.

For the cases to come under control.

After all, art touches the heart, but people have to be okay first.

All this bleak future stuff was written about the American biz too and it's starting to roar back to life.

Do you think the way ahead is the OTT platform?

OTT is a great space for people to catch a film after it leaves theatres and when narratives are designed for it.

It's a very different viewing experience. How are keeping your morale high in these troubled times?

It's been tough, I won't lie.

A lot of work (has been done) trying to get beds and ventilator­s for people and trying to get medicine to the right places.

I don't feel I nearly did enough but this pandemic has made me so much more aware about the situations of others.

A lot of people feel celebritie­s are not doing enough during the pandemic.

I feel it's incredible how people in different facets of society have stepped out trying to do their part to help each other. What Bhumi Pednekar has done and is doing, for example, is incredible.

On a structural governing level, we just weren't ready for this second wave. We should have done more to be prepared. Let me put my hand up to take responsibi­lity and say, I want to do more and I shall.

As JFK famously said, 'Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.'

Have you signed anything?

I did but cannot announce it yet. Strict orders from the producers.

JULY 2021

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