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Why vitamin C has become the buzzword in beauty


From peel-off masks to day creams, to face washes, vitamin C has been making an appearance in an endless list of skincare products. The growing inclinatio­n towards vitamin C is a part of the massive shift towards natural skincare that the world is now witnessing. With consumers more educated and aware than ever before, there is a greater interest in products that are enriched with natural extracts. Vitamin C is perhaps, one of the most popular natural extracts used in skincare products. Here’s looking at some of its unbeatable benefits:

Undoing sun damage

Photoprote­ction is one of the prime benefits of vitamin C. This essentiall­y means that vitamin C can save you from the damage caused by the harsh rays of the sun. Moreover, it can also soothe the skin and may reverse previous sun damage.

Reduces hyperpigme­ntation

Hyperpigme­ntation, or changing skin color in spots or patches can be caused due to a lot of reasons. Vitamin C can help you reduce hyperpigme­ntation to reveal much brighter and even-toned skin.

No more fine lines

Fine lines on the skin can be a result of skin aging. With regular use. Vitamin C serums can go a long way in fading away these lines and helping you smile without any worries.

Hydrating effect

Vitamin C deeply hydrates the skin and also helps it retain moisture. Skincare experts now agree that hydration is the very core of healthy skin. So, is vitamin C worth the hype? Definitely!

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