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Korean Beauty hacks have always been a hype and it is for all the right reasons and their outstandin­g results. Many leading beauty brands have even introduced K-beauty products in their ranges.

In summers, our skin becomes prone to many skin

conditions such as pigmentati­on and acne as the summer

sun can be quite harsh and brutal on our skin. The hot

months make tanning inevitable and our obsession for

DIY remedies starts growing. Here we try to list out some

of the best K-beauty home remedies to take care of your

skin this summer:

Yogurt Face Mask

We all are pretty much aware of the natural moisturisi­ng

properties of yogurt. The properties of yogurt which

makes it a staple food in most Korean kitchens is its

probiotic nature which makes it a preferred ingredient for


-Mix two tablespoon­s of yogurt with honey and one

teaspoon of lemon juice

-Apply the mixture all over your skin and let it settle

down for 15-20 minutes

-Wash it off and apply soothing moisturise­r

Lemon and Strawberry Face Pack

Lemon is an antioxidan­t which naturally contains Vitamin

C. Vitamin C helps in reducing skin damage and

premature ageing. Strawberry is a strong astringent and

has anti-inflammato­ry properties which can protect our

skin from UV rays and can also prove helpful in treating


-Mix 2 drops of lemon juice with 3-4 strawberri­es mashed

to pulp

-Add 2 tablespoon­s of yogurt to give it a thick consistenc­y

-Apply the pack to your skin and let it sit for 30 minutes

-Wash it off with warm water

-Repeat the process twice a week

Rice Water Mist

Rice water is one of the most popular ingredient­s used in

many Korean beauty remedies and even in their beauty

products. Rice water is known for its skin brightenin­g and

anti-ageing properties which help in getting a clear and

glowing skin.

-Soak clean rice in water for around 30 minutes

-Pour the water in a spray bottle

-Add some clear aloe vera gel in the bottle

-Shake it up and use it as a mist on the tanned areas of

your skin

Green Tea Mist

Green Tea is widely used as a key ingredient in Korean

skincare. Women use green tea as a facial rinse to get the

clear glass skin. Green tea not only hydrates the skin but

also acts as a great toner for skin.

-Boil -Let it some cool green tea leaves

-Strain the green tea

-Pour the green tea water in a spray bottle

-Use it as a face mist for 1-2 times in a day

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