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Intimate hygiene tips for men to follow


Maintainin­g good intimate hygiene is crucial for men's overall health. Here are some tips that

can significan­tly improve male intimate hygiene that every man should follow. Men often do

not have as many conversati­ons about intimate hygiene since it seems less of a concern.

However, men are just as susceptibl­e to unwanted bacteria build-up in their intimate areas. Here are some

guidelines men should follow to keep their intimate area completely clean and free from infection.

Wash and groom regularly

While this should go without saying, washing every time you urinate, take a bath, or have sex is essential.

Pull back your foreskin and wash thoroughly and adequately to prevent any foul odours or infections.

Additional­ly, while some pubic hair is good for you, it can also contribute to excessive sweating. So,

keeping yourself trimmed, clean, and moisturise­d down there ensures you stay problem-free.

Wear well-fitted underwear

The ideal underwear for you is neither too tight nor too loose. Cotton and cotton blends are usually best

since they allow your intimate regions to breathe and can absorb any sweat. Therefore, buying goodqualit­y, well-fitting underwear is essential.

Eat healthy

Diet really is everything. Eating foods that reduce sweat and odour in your intimate areas ensures that


stay healthy and safe. Citrus fruits and leafy greens, in particular, help maintain your hygiene down there

while also loading you with essential nutrients for better overall health. Following these guidelines and

investing in a good intimate wash for men can make a world of difference to your intimate area.

Especially if you are prone to itching or other such conditions, making these small lifestyle changes can

definitely help you better care for yourself!

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