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Pankaj Tripathi: Many regions don’t have the joy of watching lms

Pankaj Tripathi launches first moving theatre in Ladakh with the screening of short film Sekool


What would the movie viewing experience be PictureTim­e theatre in Ladakh. like enjoyable, Digiplex at On 11,562 as Sunday, hoped he feet? launched Sushil actor Comfortabl­e Pankaj Chaudhary the first Tripathi and moving of unveiled NSD Grounds the inflatable in Leh. The theatre critically that was acclaimed installed short at the film, Sekool, was screened to the 70-member audience present on the occasion.

Tripathi, who was joined by Thupstan Chhewang, president, Ladakh Buddhist Associatio­n, says the locals were jubilant to have a community-viewing experience. “So many regions of our country don't have the joy of watching films. It's incredible and heart-warming to see something like this come up in Ladakh. The people looked ecstatic. I am sure after [the pandemic subsides], this concept will flourish further,” says the actor. While the inflatable theatre is designed to seat 150, the imminent screenings will allow only 75 people per show to maintain social distancing and safety protocols. A special screening of Akshay Kumar's latest release, Bell Bottom, is slated for the Indian Army and the CISF. Chaudhary, founder and CEO, PictureTim­e Digiplex, says the move was prompted by his desire to bring a multiplex cinema-watching experience to the locals. “The idea has been to reach out to the entertainm­ent dark spots of the country. Ladakh had been missing out on a big screen for some time. We aim to install two fixed cinema screens, and one moving cinema over the next month.”

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