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'I am not a fan of Bigg Boss'

'I am not a fan of Bigg Boss' ‘I am going to wear cute clothes and have fun.'


Bigg Boss OTT has brought together contestant­s from different walks of life under the same roof.

Among them is Muskan Jattana, who prefers to be called Moose, 20.

Moose -- an Australian social media influencer with Punjabi origins -enjoys an impressive following on Twitter.

Often sharing posts on gender equality, Moose also participat­ed in the farmers' protest in Delhi.

Moose seems quite excited to have a brand new experience in her life and tells , "When I get opportunit­ies like this, I am happy to take them up."

What is a media influencer doing inside Bigg Boss?

It is a big platform for many, but for me, it's a small part of my life because I am still young.

I want to represent the youth who look up to me.

I get a lot of messages saying I am their inspiratio­n.

I have discussed a lot of intimate things with people.

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Have any contestant­s in the past seasons impressed you?

Honestly speaking, I am not a fan of Bigg Boss.

I don't think any contestant has impressed me so far.

I tried watching a few episodes recently, but I got scared.

It's torture!

But when I get opportunit­ies like this, I am happy to take them up.

I respect Bigg Boss because it's a good show. Also, I needed a break. I deserve being around cute boys and girls. I am going to wear cute clothes and have fun.

What are you expecting from Bigg Boss?

I love travelling alone. It's exciting to have new experience­s.

So even with Bigg Boss, I'm letting it let it play out.

I might win or not, but it will be an experience.

How will you tackle the fights inside the house?

I am really bad with authority figures, but I hope fights happen for some value, not for jhadu-pocha (laughs). My father gave me the experience to deal with crazy people.

Things happen, people come and go.

What ticks you off in people?


If you have come on this show, you should know what to say and what not to say.

Sometimes in Bigg Boss you get tasks where your belongings are at stake.

Please don't say that.

I literally have one pair of shoes which I have brought from the US.

If I have to order another pair, it will take some time to arrive.

I hardly have any clothes.

I have mummy's small make-up and my sister's letters.

I don't know what they will take from me.

I am not a materialis­tic person. In that sense, Bigg Boss may be a good place for me because life has been in such a way that I have travelled, moved to four different high schools.

I am not in touch with my father.

In season 11, Hina Khan carried 105 pieces of nightwear.

I have one night dress and two jeans. Everything is not about clothes, there are other things in life.

Everybody has their own priorities. Mine is to have a lot of fun.

People will say yeh toh trend set kar diya pura hafta ekii kapade mein (laughs).

Any thoughts about Karan Johar, the show's host?

If he respects me, I will respect him. In life, I have been a fan of only one person: Varun Grover.

I have met him and it's all good.

So for me, it's about mutual respect. Karan Johar is witty and I am witty. He is a film-maker and I want to become one.

I am sure we can have a good connection if we So I will get to know him as we go ahead want. We can gang up on everybody else (laughs).

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