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Late legendary singer Lata Mangeshkar became a legend not only for having a melodious voice, but also because of many twists and turns in her life, and the support of some experts from the bollywood’s music industry.

She was born in a Maharashtr­ian Brahmin family in 1929, and she has three sisters -- Meena, Asha, Usha and a brother named Hridaynath, and she is the eldest among them. Her father -- Deenanath Mangeshkar, was a well-known classical singer and a Marathi actor. Her mother, Shevanti (later renamed Shudhamati), a Gujarati woman from Thalner (Maharashtr­a), and she was Deenanath’s second wife; his first wife Narmada, who had died, was Shevanti’s older sister. Her name was “Hema” at birth, but later her parents renamed to “Lata” and the name was after a female character – Latika, who was in one of her father’s plays. Deenanath was born in Goa and he adopted the surname “Mangeshkar” to represent his native town of Mangeshi, Goa. Her father was a very discipline­d person, and always had a strict parenting nature. He never allowed his children to become frivolous and was also particular about their dress code. Her father only trained her in classical music at the age of five, which was the beginning of her melodious journey.

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