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Angad says he had no money when he wanted to marry Neha, she travelled in BMW


Angad Bedi said that Neha Dhupia was financiall­y much better off when he first wanted to marry her and travelled in a BMW. He revealed that he bought his first car ‘just to impress her’

Neha and Angad got hitched in May 2018. They have two children - a three-year-old daughter named Mehr and a fourmonth-old son named Guriq.

Angad Bedi revealed that he wanted to marry Neha Dhupia years before they actually tied the knot. At the time, he did not have a lot of money and took a loan to buy his first car to impress her. Angad said, “When I met her, I said, ‘Yaar, isse shaadi karni hai, paise toh hai nahi (I want to marry her but I have no money).’ I was like, ‘Yeh BMW mein ghoomti hai, at least ek gaadi toh thodi upar ki leni padegi (She travels in a BMW, I knew I had to at least buy a fancy car).’ So I saved some money, got a loan and bought my first car just to impress her.”

Angad said that he ‘made some more money’ after buying his car and saved up. He hoped that Neha would be with him but she ‘took her time’. “It had nothing to do with the car, I promise you, and it had nothing to do with anything. It is just, when the time is right,” Neha said, before Angad interrupte­d, “Honey, come on. Achchi thi, yaar, meri gaadi (My car was nice).” He then went on to say, “Come on, she is a heroine, she has made a good name, so you have to level up, right? Thodi na main DTC bus mein ghumaunga (It’s not like I can take her out in a Delhi Transport Corporatio­n bus).” He added that there is ‘nothing wrong with being in a DTC bus either’. On Valentine’s Day, Angad dedicated an Instagram post to Neha. Sharing a video of their cute moments together, he wrote, “Happy Valentine’s day love!!!

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