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Actor Karishma Tanna talks for the first time about her wedding with Varun Bangera and says how she was looking forward to becoming a Mrs“It was really good,” Tanna claims, “I’m very particular with regards to how I’d look, how the decor, makeup, and everything else will be. I wanted to ensure that I look different and the whole setup was something never seen before. You get married once, mostly (laughs). So you need to make the best of it.” Actor Karishma Tanna tied the knot with Mumbaibase­d businessma­n Varun Bangera on February 5. Tanna has been tight-lipped about the wedding since the speculatio­ns kick-started. However, the actor is now ready to speak about her intimate wedding that took place in Mumbai. The distance between a bride’s entry to her mandap can often be daunting. Talking about the moment when she walked the aisle, Tanna recalls, “I wanted to pinch myself at that moment, if I’m really becoming a bride? It wasn’t sinking even when the haldi and mehendi ceremonies started. Till that point it was like it was just a regular party, we were chilling, Varun and I were the centre of everyone’s attention. But when I started wearing my outfit and the makeup began, I was like ‘Oh my God this is happening’. As I walked, I felt the butterflie­s. It was a cute feeling. They say you get wedding jitters, but I didn’t get any. It was just a beautiful feeling of starting a new chapter of my life with my man.” A self confessed perfection­ist, Tanna reveals she even picked the outfit for the groom. “Of course,” she replies when asked the same, “It was mostly a mutual decision, like we picked the colors.” The 38-year-old has been eagerly waiting to get married. “I’ve been single for almost donkey’s year. So I was actually looking forward to becoming a Mrs; a Mrs to such a beautiful partner. They say acche kaam mein waqt lagta hai, and I felt that. It happened to a man I really loved,” she gushes.

As it may have become the latest fad, Tanna reveals her wedding had only “80 -100 guests”. “These were the people who really matter to me. That is the best thing that Covid has done, make it an intimate affair. I always wanted a small yet a fancy wedding,” she mentions. Although Tanna didn’t shed a tear at her wedding, her mother did. “She had those anxieties that every mother has. She did cry, as she gave away her daughter. But then we also live in the same building. My maayka and sasural are in the same building so she is okay,” Tanna signs off.

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