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Bollywood Admit it. Cine-Ma is so called because it is obsessed with the mother figure.


Whether it is Nargis in Mother India or Nirupa Roy in Deewaar, Mama’s a scene stealer while Dad is just a shadow.

Does anyone remember Raj Kumar or Satyen Kappu in Mother India and Deewaar?

Yet, there are films that have explored the Dad’s character with tender affection. Subhash K Jha lists them:

Aamir Khan in Akele Hum Akele Tum

But you love me daddy, sang the child actor (Master Adil) to Aamir Khan.

As a man suddenly thrust with the responsibi­lity of looking after a little son after being abandoned by the lady of the family Aamir Khan was fabulously frazzled trying to get the eggs in the omelet and the buttons on the school uniform right.

Though copied from a foreign source, this Mansoor Ali Khan directed film was a rare instance of a film that showed the father as the home maker.

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