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Which of These Ladies Will Mika Singh MARRY?

‘I am confused about which one to choose.’ ‘All the girls are really beautiful.’


Mika Singh is all set to find his ladylove on national television!

Yes, the singer has launched a show, Swayamvar: Mika Ki Vohti, where he will find his love among 12 contestant­s.

Ahead of the premiere of the show on June 19, the makers of Swayamvar: Mika Ki Vohti unveiled the grand set at the Ummed Palace Resort and Spa in Jodhpur.

The resort was festooned with a variety of flowers, dazzling lights, and candles as Mika and some of the girls, who have been shortliste­d as his prospectiv­e brides, arrived to attend the festivitie­s.

The grand celebratio­n also saw the presence of Mika’s close friend and host of the show Shaan, singers Bhoomi Trivedi and Jaspinder Narula, among others.

Bhoomi and Jaspinder left everyone spellbound with their electric performanc­es.

Mika, who celebrates his birthday on June 10, tells the media, “I am really grateful to all the girls for taking out their time. It is not easy to tell your family that you are going to be participat­ing in such a show.”

How did you decide on finding the love of your bride on national television?

Well, it was the decision of Star Bharat and their team.

They approached me with this concept.

I remember they had first come to me with this proposal in 2015 but I was not ready at that time.

I had no plans of getting married back then.

I was more focused on my music.

I wanted to achieve a lot more as a singer, so I said no to them.

When they approached me again, I went to my brother Daler (Mehndi) paaji and told him that this was the concept of the show.

I had already rejected 100-150 girls before that.

It was not like they had some issues or something; they were pretty and beautiful, but I wanted to do something with my life.

Paaji would always badger me to get married.

If not for marriage, then for engagement.

‘Kuch nahi toh ek girlfriend hi bana le,' he would say.

So when I asked him if I should do this show, he was happy and said, ‘Go and do something great.'

Girls from Kashmir to Kanyakumar­i have been chosen as your prospectiv­e brides. Do you want to convey any message with such a diversity of contestant­s?

No. Girls from Bengal, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, and other parts of the country have come forward to participat­e in the show and I am really grateful to them for taking out their time.

It is not easy to tell your family that you are going to be participat­ing in such a show.

I am really thankful to them and their families.

I am confused about which one to choose (laughs).

All the girls are really beautiful and have their own qualities.

I am learning something or another from each one of them.

So let's hope for the best.

If the promo of the show is anything to go by, a lot of celebritie­s are also helping you in finding your vohti (wife). How do you feel?

For me, they are not celebritie­s, but my family.

Kapil (Sharma) is like my younger brother, Daler paaji is my real brother, and Shaan is also like my brother.

They used to discuss things about my marriage in real life on a daily basis.

Now, they are going to do the same on television, in front of the world.

What has the experience of shooting for Mika Di Voti been like?

It is very hot in Rajasthan.

The temperatur­e hovers around 45-47 degree Celsius. At times, it touches 50 degree Celsius also.

It feels cool when we sit in an airconditi­oned setup. We have loveydovey talks there.

But then there are days when my team wants me to romance in 4547 degree Celsius.

The girl is dripping in sweat and I am also feeling hot and uncomforta­ble. Sometimes they ask me to stand under the scorching sun.

I beg them to do romantic things romantical­ly. How can one be romantic in such extreme weather conditions (laughs)?

But they are very profession­al. They make sure to give their 100 percent.

How does Shaan, being your friend and the host of the show, keep you motivated?

I don't know what would have happened had he not been here.

Every girl here has their gang of girls, but I had no sahela (male friend). So Shaan is my sahela and brother on the show.

I am really grateful to him that he took up this show.

He is making his comeback to hosting after a long gap of 14 years.

I requested him that it would be really great for me if he did this show.

Whenever he used to see a beautiful girl, he would grab me and say, ‘marry her'.

Radhika (Shaan's wife) would also say, ‘She is a good girl. You won't find anyone like her.'

Since Shaan would always badger me to get married, I said to him, ‘Now come and help me choose my life partner. There are 12 beautiful girls to choose from.'

Thanks to him that he did not think twice and agreed to be a part of this beautiful journey.

I can speak my heart out to him.

Was this the only reason you chose him as a host?

Shaan has many qualities.

First of all, he is a dear friend.

He is a good father, a good husband, a good host, and a multitalen­ted singer as well.

I wanted someone who respectful­ly hosts the show and has a beautiful heart as well, someone I can talk to openly.

Since we have a great bonding offscreen, that reflects on screen as well.

How has your family reacted to the promos of the show?

My niece Ajit, who loves me a lot, and nephews... everybody is very excited about the show.

They have loved the promos and are looking forward to the premiere of the show.

Nikkibhabh­i and my sisters cannot stop praising the promos.

The promos have conveyed everything that I wanted to convey to the world.

Has your family met your prospectiv­e brides?

I cannot reveal everything now. You have to watch the show to know more.

But you can see Daler paaji in the promo.

Kapil has paid a visit.

Krushna (Abhishek) also came once, in a woman's get-up though.

Have you already selected your vohti from these finalists? Has someone already stolen your heart?

There are a few, but I won't reveal anything.

Do you believe in traditions?

Every state has its own culture and traditions. We Punjabis also have a very beautiful culture.

We wish to take our culture forward.

Reeti-reevaj bahot jaruri hain.

What are your birthday plans?

Every year, I celebrate my birthday with great enthusiasm and fanfare.

But this year, there won't be any celebratio­n.

I have decided to skip the celebratio­ns because you do not celebrate if someone close to you has passed away.

We have witnessed two very upsetting deaths in the last few days.

KK has been my elder brother. His songs are soulful and he is a legend. And I feel legends don't die.

Sidhu Moosewala was like my younger brother and his death is a shame.

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