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Stockholm, Sweden


Spread across fourteen islands, Stockholm is widely regarded as one of the most environmen­tally friendly cities in Europe and celebrated as an internatio­nal role model for climate action, having taken multiple measures to ensure a net positive impact. The Swedish capital uses renewable energy sources and recycles 99 per cent of the city’s solid waste. It also has one of the cleanest -and tastiest -- tap waters in the world, so there’s no need to buy bottled water.

Since the city is relatively compact, there are options to explore it more sustainabl­y, with a great public transport system and many sights within walking distance. The city offers a community bicycle programme that allows people to rent one of 1,000+ bicycles that are scattered throughout Stockholm. Visitors can also explore the city from the water: an evening city kayaking tour offers the unique experience of paddling through Stockholm’s waterways to admire the architectu­re and landmarks, ending with a traditiona­l Swedish meal.

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